Dear Editor,

It’s all in the news.

Children are being separated from their parents.

This really hasn’t been news, it’s just that few people pay attention to the big picture.

For years I’ve said that we need to stop this.

No one listens.

If there’s one thing a woman knows, it’s that you don’t take away her babies.

It’s not normal.

It’s not natural.

It’s just wrong.

I suppose the people in charge think that the little girls and boys have the appropriate places to lay their head at the end of the day, but when you see a picture of where they are kept, your heart breaks.

It’s never the way a mother or father would take care of these children.

And yet, parents make decisions that affect their children every day.

Some are more careful about what they do and the choices they make and their children grow and thrive.

Others make bad decisions and ultimately the children pay and it’s never a good thing.

Unfortunately, our world has become so upside down.

Right is wrong.

Wrong is right.

Police are considered to be the bad guys.

Bad guys are now the good guys.

We’ve taught our kids that they can do whatever they want, and it’s okay.

We tell our adults the same thing.

There are not supposed to be consequences for believing your own truth.

Whatever that is.

The slippery slope is that when we begin to believe that that everyone can live in their own truth, the consequences become the hard truth for others.

One decision to separate children from their parents, at some point in our history seemed like the right thing to do.

It took care of a problem that this country seemed to think that it had.

So we began to funnel money into building facilities were these children would be forcefully removed from their parents.

For years, no one made a sound.

No one really cared.

The problem was being taken care of.

Sure, there were a few that said, “This is wrong.” but even more didn’t care.

People were afraid to speak up and say, “This is wrong.”

No one wanted to be the voice of these children.

Sure, occasionally, the media follows an event that is protesting what’s happening to children in these facilities, but more often than not, out of sight means out of mind.

Something needs to be done.

These boys and girls should be able to spend every day with their moms and dads.

These laws need to change.

Just because something has been going on for decades, doesn’t make it right.

Even if for some reason, someone older and supposedly wiser makes a decision that affects little children, maybe it’s time for someone younger to stand up and say this is wrong.

Maybe it’s time to load some of our kids on a bus to take a tour like that are for gun control. Maybe we need to make it clear that in this case they are marching for their lives too.

It won’t happen.


Because we don’t really care.

We don’t.

The media doesn’t.

Don’t let them fool you, the politicians don’t care, if they did they would have taken care of this earlier.

The people running these facilities don’t care either.

It sounds good to say that you do.

But really, you don’t want what’s best for our children.

There was one woman that took a stand for this separation. It wasn’t a popular stand at the time. Her belief as well as those that agree with her were such that she wouldn’t label things like murder to be wrong, but a mere “terrible act” (1), so I suppose in light of that, separating children from their parents was nothing to her.

But, as usual, our government supports her, of course.

Right now, it’s cool to say that we care about the children.

It’s awesome to say they shouldn’t be separated from their parents.

It’s all about the children.

Until it isn’t.

If we really cared about how children were treated, we would have stopped the woman I mentioned above. We would have said, “Sorry lady, what you stand for, is not what’s best for children. We will not stand by and allow the agenda that has gone forward because of you.”

But here we are.

Let’s focus on children that are here. If these little children understood just how we don’t reverence life, they would refuse to leave their country and be glad that they weren’t conceived here, after all, had they been, we would have, in our country, convinced their mothers that life was too hard, they should abort these children.

See, we don’t care.

If we did, as a country we would bend over backward to make sure every child was appreciated and be appalled at the very thought of ending these precious lives.

But again, we really don’t care. 45,151,389 children have been separated from their parents, not a mere 2,000, something the government doesn’t want you to know.(2)

Some of us care about children.

We don’t care about your choices that brought you here.

No, we care about the children.

That’s why we think abortion is wrong.

For the Children,

Patty Morgan


1. 20:45