Dear Editor,

Breaking News – Just in:

(1)    A seven Trillion Dollar gain in GDP since the November 8th election – wow!

  •  Major Corporations giving long deserved bonuses to their employees.
  •  Major Utility Companies lowering electric rates by as much as 5 percent.
  •  The Dow over 25,000. My small Schwab Account went from an unrealized capital gain of $8,000 at November 8th election to over $25,000 unrealized Cap Gain last week.
  • Our Executive Government may give less aid to the U.N., Pakistan, the Palestinians, and others because they are not acting in our interest – long overdue to our long suffering tax payers.
  •  Asking NATO nations to pony up on their contributions to mutual defense – again long overdue.
  •  South and North Korea meeting for the first time in years.
  • Jamie Diamond, American’s most famous banker, forecasting a 4 percent growth rate for the U.S. – after a dismal 2 percent or less the last 8 years.
  •  A redo of the U.S. Tax Code giving most Americans a much needed break and a raise in take home pay.   (Even if I personally do not see a decrease in taxes at least my 1040 will be much simpler.)
  •  Oh! And a televised meeting in the White House with Democrats and Republicans from both House and Senate – 55 minutes. Democrats and Republicans had to voice what they would support without the normal posturing before the fake news media, now they should get busy and give us the “Wall” and a slowdown in human trafficking, drug smuggling, illegal border crossing, and an end to Sanctuary Cities (If local politicians care so little about protecting their citizens then the “blood” will be on their hands from illegals committing felony crimes.)
  • Giving land deemed “Federal” by the last Administration back to the States,
  • Canceling Regulations that were anti-business and anti-property rights – thousands of pages including WOTUS.
  • Opening ANWAR up to drilling. — Long overdue along with offshore drilling, leading us, along with renewables, to Energy independence.

(2)    Oh yeah! All this was possible due to the legacy and policies of past President Obama – NOT.

(3)    Democrats have nothing to run on in ’18 but HATE for the Donald. The “Resist Movement” is a failed attempt to remove a duly elected President from Power – a civil Coup, if you will.

(4)    If Oprah does run she will be a more popular and better candidate than either E. Warren, Bernie Sanders or whoever else the Democrats can scare up.

(5)    I am results oriented and to date I am getting much more than I ever expected. Go Donald, Go.

(6)    Democrats, if you are trying to win me over, it AIN’T workin’.

Sign me – bible readin’, church goin’, gun toting, Deporable.


John Stiegelmeyer