To the  Editor,

Now that Trump has taken a butcher knife to the ACA, many of you like myself, have concerns about where healthcare is going to end up. In this time of uncertainty, especially if you are one of the thousands in Iowa receiving subsidy to help pay for insurance, the time to  worry is now.

Those of you who do not receive a subsidy to purchase individual insurance, get insurance through your employer or Medicare don’t think the President’s action will not affect you. Who knows whether insurance will cover pre-existing conditions, will go back to lifetime limits on coverage, make it easier for employers either not to offer insurance or offer coverage that is expensive and does not cover what it does today. Those on Medicare could see rising costs with no protection for pre-existing conditions and more expensive coverage.

There is a place to go that can help you understand what is happening.The 4-County Healthcare Forum on Thursday, Oct.19, 6:30 pm at the Belle Plaine Historical Museum is more important for you to attend. The panel of healthcare professionals and Congressional candidates do not have all the answers, no one does. But the discussion will hopefully provide some ideas on what to expect and how to make sure you voice is heard. Hope to see you there!

Rosemary Schwartz