To the Editor,

John Stiegelmeyer wants to know why there is uproar about the hastily written and financially unscored Trumpcare bill. Seems like no one, including many Republicans do not like the bill that they rammed through the House. Even our Rep. Blum, who finally had public forums this week, stated his dislike for the bill and how it was passed but he still voted for it.

Let’s get real. That bill passing fiasco was for one reason and one reason only, to prove that Republicans and Trump could actually pass a bill. Poor Donald Trump, his fragile ego was in danger if he did not get a bill passed. So, Republicans put together a health care bill knowing full well it will not get out of the Senate but they had to make sure Trump had the opportunity to celebrate the passing of legislation.

Then Republicans had a beer party because passing legislation that could take away insurance for 24 million people so that the mega-rich can get another tax break is so much fun.

John also made the mistake of trying to defend the Comey firing because the Assistant AG wrote a memo with concern about how Comey handled the Clinton emails. Give me a break, it is laughable that Trump thinks that would fly. John, you should not try to defend this presidency on any point because nothing that comes out of that White House stands the test of time or anywhere truthful.

It now comes out the Assistant AG is not too thrilled that the administration wanted to pin the firing on him. So much so that he threatened to resign if that lie was not walked back. Now after a couple of days with the Vice-President and administration spokespersons trying to float that Trump really cared about how Hillary Clinton was treated, Trump himself, threw all of them under the bus and says he was going to fire Comey all along with the administration admitting the firing was really about the Russian investigation with the memo from Rosenstein just added to the case.

Most everyone knows, except those who are in a deep state denial, that Comey’s Russian investigation is getting too close to Trump and his associates and Trump had to get rid of him. Obstruction of justice is an impeachable offense.

Michael Steele, former Republican National Chair said today (I heard it with my own ears) that it is time for Republicans as well as any Americans who are clinging to the belief that everything is ok at the White House needs to have a come to Jesus moment and realize that the man in the White House is corrupt and this nation has a problem that needs to be fixed sooner rather than later.

If there is any remaining doubt in the incompetence of this administration it should have been perfectly clear when Trump met with two Russian officials in the Oval Office a day after the Comey firing, keeping out the US press while having Russian state press Tass the only press in the room creating a photo-op for Putin. Remember “America First”?

Stay tuned there will probably be another false story tomorrow or the next hour.


Rosemary Schwartz