To the Editor:

Have our elected representatives disappeared?

We are growing concerned over apparent lack of visibility of some of our Iowa state and federal representatives.

We are almost two months into the year and, to the best of my knowledge, some have not appeared in their districts. A perusal of their websites often reveals no schedule for upcoming visits. Requests for scheduled appearances have not been responded to. This pattern has only started since the November election.

This strikes me as unusual, considering many other elected officials have appeared to solicit public input. I understand some of those meetings have been rather lively. Perhaps this is the reason our representatives have gone underground- they don’t want to answer for some of the extremely unpopular legislation proposed in both Washington DC and Des Moines.

Or perhaps there is another reason. Perhaps they are too busy dismantling Iowa’s social safety net behind closed doors, emerging only for paid luncheons and dinners with wealthy Republican donors.

This is not what representative government is supposed to be. Our representatives should make themselves available to all constituents, regardless of whether we voice praise or objection. I expect to travel and pay to see my favorite band. I do not expect this from my elected representatives.

Bob Shultis, Benton County Indivisible Group