This month we celebrated one the most important days of the Christian year, Easter. Easter is the time to celebrate the resurrection of Christ.

Someone once said this concerning the resurrection “I always thought caterpillars and butterflies were a way to help kids understand the resurrection. And then I read about what happens inside a cocoon. And now I’m seeing potential resurrections all over the place. When the caterpillar spins its cocoon, its body actually begins to die. But within its body are a few cells that scientists call “imaginal cells.” It’s as though their molecular structure has the “imagination” for a whole new creature. And these imaginal cells begin to connect to each other in the dying carcass around them. As they begin to organize together, they use the carcass of the dying body as their nutritive soup. And when a certain threshold is reached in their organization, a genetic code wakes up, and it begins to organize these imaginal cells into a new body, a new metabolism, a beautiful new winged creature that seeks its way to freedom and flight and migration–things that the caterpillar knew nothing of.” .

Who is Jesus Christ? The God-man – the most unique Person who ever lived. The awesome Son of God!

Some time ago a lady wrote a true story of an event that happened in a

Christian school:

A kindergarten teacher was determining how much religious training her new students had. While talking with one little boy, to whom the story of Jesus was obviously brand new, she began relating His death on the cross. When asked what a cross was, she picked up some sticks, and fashioning a crude one, she explained that Jesus was actually nailed to that cross, and then He died. The little boy with eyes downcast quietly acknowledged, “Oh, that’s too bad.” In the very next breath, however, she related that He arose again and that He came back to life. And his little eyes got big as saucers. He lit up and exclaimed, “Totally awesome!”

You don’t know the full identity of Jesus if your response is “Oh, that’s too

bad.” You know His identity only if your description is “Totally awesome!”

Peace and Grace,

Pastor Sue Thomas