Alright, I want to know who the guilty party is!

It’s not often that one of our little towns are remembered by a president. But Brandon was.

In his memoir, ‘Time Goes On and I’m Sitting Here Now Alone’: George H.W. Bush in His Own Words



Journal entry
November 7, 1987, warming up for the presidential campaign

Brandon, Iowa. A tiny little town. More people in the middle of the little town than lived in the town. They came in from everywhere. The firemen, dressed in yellow coats, holding the crowd back. Young kids, banners, homemade signs welcoming the Vice President. I go into the Brandon Feed Store, and just before walking in I was shaking hands with all the people and an older woman said to me, “You look younger than I thought.” I said, “A lot of people say, taller.” She said, “No, I say a lot younger.” I said, “Well, I’m 63.” She said, “No shit?” Everybody heard her. All of the people standing next to her looked shocked, looked kind of held back. I laughed and then they laughed like mad. It was absolutely fantastic. One of the great moments in my life politically.

Hey, whoever you are, I’m glad you made the book, no, I’m glad you made his day.

On another note, when has any other president visited Brandon? I’m just saying…

I have to admit when it comes to remembering 41, I’m scrambling for anything memorable that he did as president. Of course, nothing memorable like 9/11 that happened on his son’s watch fortunately makes his presidency something to remember.

As usual, I was hoping to find something memorable about the guy. Even as I watched the PBS special hoping to find something fun, I finally shut it off in frustration because the section I saw was nothing but bashing him.

But there is one thing that I’ll remember about him. This.

When you think of the Bush family, you think of that. Family. They were all about family.

They still are. If you are up too many hours with the TV on for noise, you’d see Jenna, his granddaughter talk about her dad and grandpa and grandma and you had that feel that they were just like any other family.

That while they might have reached the oval office, they were still just like you and I.

He probably won’t be remembered for any huge accomplishments, but if he’s remembered for things like shaving his head for a little boy, that in my book is something worth being remembered for.