Have you ever eaten at The 4th St. Diner, located behind the green door at 202 E. 4th Street?

Come and bring your family, if they aren’t in school! EVERYONE is welcome! (There is no meal on Saturdays)

It’s not a country club atmosphere – just a clean, homey feeling where everybody’s welcome.

Bob and I didn’t know what we were missing until we tried the tasty food, and enjoyed visiting with people we already knew, and, as we visited, made new friends.

There’s a nutritious, colorful hot meal, served buffet style, where you fill your own tray with whatever you like. There’s salads, fruits and potatoes and gravy or other potatoes served with tender and flavorful meats and even dessert!

The cost is only $4.25 for those under 60, and $3.25 for those 60 and older!

There are also pre-ordered take out meals delivered to homes, and even frozen meals in case of a snowstorm!

Because we live in the country, I’m making in town appointments near lunch time, so we can eat at the diner.  We also eat there almost every Sunday after church.  Come and bring your grandkids! Everybody is welcome! (Unless you have a group, reservations aren’t needed!)

There are many advantages – you don’t have to cook or do the dishes, and the food is ready to eat by 11:30 a.m.

Some days folks play cards or Bingo.  Every month, there is a “Birthday meal” with special music. Once in a while a couple will dance along to the music!

As the older population naturally declines, we’re eager to invite new people to join us.

In our opinion, it be a shame if anything happened to the 4th St. Diner!

Phyllis Simnacher