October 7th, World Smile Day, was the day that I passed out, fell, knocked half my teeth loose, cracking one tooth, busted my lip to the tune of 9 stitches and ended up with a concussion. This was by far the WORST of my falling experience. But I did find upon waking up after you pass out, you feel really, really good, for a few seconds, while your head finishing spinning from falling.

When I was a teenager I loved to play softball and spent hours playing, and hey, they always assumed the girl at bat couldn’t hit the ball, so I would grin at their ignorance then promptly smack it over their heads, usually right over the short stop’s head and take off for first base.

My coordination has always been up for debate.

Usually on my way to first base I would twist an ankle, and fall down.

When running through the park with my aunt I twisted my ankle in a hole fell and then spent the night icing it.

A few years ago, to my kids’ horror, I fell down the steps at church, in front of most of the congregation. My concern was keeping my dress down, er up at that point, because my feet were now following my head down the steps. My youngest was squealing, and I’m saying, “Just pull my dress down…”

Fast forward to today.

3 inches of snow is nothing in Iowa. I know that.

But as Dean was out trying to clear the car for church, I wondered if we should venture out.

Dean’s knee is getting to the place that I’m sure he’s needing a replacement and well face it, we just aren’t as young as we used to be.

Then add in occasional dizziness from my episode in October, and I can’t be counted on to walk a straight line if I had to.

Then the car has started doing a weird cutting out thing, we think it’s nothing, but still…we are contemplating a trip to town up and down 6 or 7 nasty hills between here and the highway with ditches that are more like drop offs, and well, we just aren’t as brave, or as stupid as we used to be.

I thought I had better text the other keyboardist who also lives in the country, but on a much flatter road so usually she is fine, so I let her know that we might not make it in.

Her reply was something like, “It’s just a little wet snow, go slow and you’ll be fine.” Right away I thought, “Have you met my road in the winter?”

We decided to chance it and headed out behind our daughter in her 4X4 Ford pickup, and let her cut a path for us.

We only went slightly sideways once, but held our breath up the hills and hung on the way down each one with an eye to the nasty drop offs on the side of the road.

The mantra is always something like, “If we can only get to the highway, if we can only get to the highway…”

We made it to the highway, only to see a car had slid off into the ditch. We realized that ok, now our mantra would be, “If we can only get to town, if we can only get to town!”

We inched in at about 30 mph. but we made it.

Most everyone in our music team arrived, except my fellow keyboardist. I knew she was driving in alone, so I watched for her.

Then her husband told me that she was stuck.

I laughed.

Yep I did.

I know he was probably thinking, “That was mean!”

So of course, after she finally arrived at church, I HAD to rib her just a little bit.

Then we all went out to lunch.

As we walked out, where I’m reminding her and her husband again, “It’s just a wet snow, now go slow…” then I promptly went splat, I was in a puddle of slush and snow next to the curb in downtown Vinton. And I was laughing.

Immediately everyone came over to help me up, but I was afraid I’d pull them into the slushy mess if I tried to use them to stand up, (now if we were all 3o years younger just for giggles, I’d have had them join me!) but I got up, after finally locating cement under all the slush, water and snow and soon discovered everything under my leather shoes and coat was dry, the rest of me not so much.

But it was a reminder that on our planet and especially in my corner of the world the gravitational pull is really strong!

You can either get up and get mad at the snow, or sit in the slush and laugh, it’s much better to laugh…of course, remaining upright is usually better too, but if you have to land in a puddle, just laugh.