We had a run of bad luck last week. The front burner on our cook top quit working and then the refrigerator started making an awful noise. To be honest, I have hearing loss, so I couldn’t hear the noise in the refrigerator but it seemed to annoy everyone else, including the dog. As the temperature in the fridge starting climbing, we decided to unload it so as not to lose all the food. Normally, this would cause quite a dilemma, but it is winter in Iowa and I have been known to think outside of the box. I created a freezer on the back deck and a refrigerator in the garage. Problem solved, or so I thought.

Four days later, I was still trying to find a repairman to come out. Two companies took the information and then I never heard from them again. While it has been entertaining to ask my husband to “go out to the freezer and get me blah, blah,” it has grown old stepping out onto the freezing deck to get ice for my drink. A repairman finally showed up and told me the refrigerator had a short and was a fire hazard and needed to be unplugged. He has ordered parts, and they should be in any day, but now we are under a blizzard warning with 1-2 feet of snow in the forecast. And now the temperatures are suppose to be in the negative numbers for several days. My freezer has become a “sub-zero” freezer.

So I have a plan. When the power goes out, I move the frozen food to the garage, which will now be below freezing, and the refrigerator items to the house, which will be cold, and we roast weenies in the fireplace. We are going to die!

Kathy Lariviere, Author