We have moles in the yard. I’m not talking about a couple of moles that are a nuisance; I’m talking a band of brothers who are determined to mine for precious metals. The entire yard is a series of tunnels and mounds. When I’m out in our yard hunting these guys, I’m reminded of Bill Murray in CaddyShack. We have tried the usual remedies, but we have been invaded and this calls for war! I thought I would share some resources that I have found on the internet.



  • They’re pretty easy to use if you have an applicator. (We have dozens.)
  • If you can get the pellets into the pest’s tunnels — they work.
  • If the poison does its job, the critter is already buried. You don’t have to empty any traps.

Disadvantages of poisons:

  • Other than an absence of new mounds, you don’t know if you are eliminating your pests or not.
  • You’re working with poisons, so you have to be careful when you’re applying them.


Traps can be effective, but they are also a little difficult to use. I think we have been hit by the trap more often than we have hit a mole. And the instructions on all of these traps end with indicating how to tell if the trap has been sprung. No one gives you tips on disposal of the body. For my part, I think letting the sucker rot in the ground as a deterrent to others is the best method.

Exhaust fumes:

I love this one. Simply stated: exhaust kills, especially in a small confined space such as a burrow. “This device that will help you move exhaust from your vehicle into the burrow of the critter that is causing you harm.” Check out the instructions:

Step 1:  Turn off your vehicle and measure the diameter of your exhaust pipe. (I love the caution to turn off your vehicle first!)

Step 2: Determine the required length of hose you will need by measuring the distance from your vehicle to the burrow opening or mound. Note: These people do realize that you can’t drive up to the mound because your car tires will sink 4 inches into the yard due to all the tunnels.

Step 3: Connect the hose to your exhaust pipe (again the warning about turning off your vehicle) and stuff the hose into the tunnel.

Step 4: Turn on your vehicle.

That’s it. No other instructions. So I have this vision of sitting in my car, listening to the radio, burning gas until . . . . when???

Sonic devices:

The theory behind these products is that you place a device in your yard that sends out a signal. Your gophers and moles find this sound or vibration to be so unpleasant that they will just decide to move away from your back yard and go live somewhere else . . . like the front yard!

But I’m leaning toward the old fashioned way of dealing with moles — blowing holes in the yard with a shot gun!

Kathy Lariviere – Author