By Jim Hessenius

Our State Senator Tim Kapucian and Representative Dawn Pettingill have sold our public service people down the river in the name of progress. They helped destroy 40 years of collective bargaining law that was passed by a bipartisan vote and signed by Governor Ray. These two people belong to the American Legislative Exchange Council, “ALEC”, which is an organization designed to destroy the working class of this country.

The Koch brothers are big supporters of this.”ALEC” works behind closed doors to write legislation and brainwash our representatives so they are no longer working for the people who elected them. Watch out people, Wisconsin had it happen and now the Republicans are systematically destroying our great state. Look up your elected people and see if they belong to “ALEC”. Tim Kapucian and Dawn Pettingill do belong.

Our wonderful Former Governor Terry Branstad, was a founding member  in 1996.  They go to free junkets paid for by “ALEC” that may be illegal as they have a free vacation paid for by lobbyists and have the pre-established bill written by those lobbyists handed to them in a closed door session. “ALEC” and the Koch brothers are not done writing our new laws designed to keep the working class down. Just watch what they do this legislative session. They need to go away. Oh, by the way Linda Upmeyer Speaker of the House is 1st Vice Chair of ALEC. I encourage everyone to Google “Iowa ALEC politicians’ to learn what the rest of their agenda is.

Jim Hessenius, Shellsburg