To The Editor

Our family supports Rich Hainstock for Vinton Mayor.

During 2009 through 2012 Keith was a self-employed contractor. He worked for Rich doing a complete demo and reconstruction of the corner building located at 5th Street and 1st AVE, where there is now a residential living space upstairs, and Farm Bureau, Cedar River Inc. and North Star on the ground level. Keith also did a complete demo and reconstruction of the “old diner” on 4th street next to the Palace Theater. That space had been vacant and was a downtown eyesore. Under the employment of Rich, and other hired Vinton businesses, some of which are: Mc Dowell’s, Barnes, Edwards Plumbing and Heating, and Pella Roofing, this space is now La Rena, a thriving Mexican Restaurant.

Rich has purchased and made usable spaces like the old West School, that is now a space for Vinton’s community theater company ACT I. ACT I now has a rehearsal space and room for props, costuming, and meetings. He also completely overhauled his current living space at 505 1ST AVE. And on the ground level of that building is 3D Kitchens. We also love the community involvement his wife, Mary Jo has with our school system. I am employed by Rich and Mary Jo, and have been since 2008 providing cleaning services. Rich also revamped an upper level, residential living space West of Cameron’s Clothing. Downtown Vinton looks better and is more prosperous because of Rich Hainstock.

During all of these remodels/complete overhauls, we have seen Rich buy local, whether it be electrical, plumbing, furniture, roofing, labor, it has ALL stayed with Vinton residents and businesses.

On a personal note, when the windstorm of 2011 hit, we had no power and every road to our house was blocked with trees, and we did not own a chainsaw. Rich walked his chainsaw and gas to us that morning to help us out when we were in need.

We feel Rich Hainstock is the best candidate for Mayor of Vinton. He not only gets things done for the improvement of Vinton, he has helped our family and many others in this community through his business and personal relationships. Rich has made Vinton a better place since he moved here and we are excited to see what’s to come. Please consider supporting him in this election.

With Vinton Family Pride,

Keith, Rachel, and Aubrea Bonar and Mary Kramer