By Tressa Walton, Vinton

Did you turn your lights on this morning?

Did you know that IT IS a state law that you need to have your headlights on in fog, sleet, snow, or rain? I was in shock this morning at the number of drivers who did not have their lights on. In this day and age, most car’s lights automatically come on but many of them have sensors and if it is not dark enough, they don’t come on. There should be a light on the dashboard of your car that does tell you if your lights are on or not. Regardless of it being a law, it should be a common courtesy to other drivers and yourself to turn your lights on. Please value your life and the lives of your passengers so that cars can see you coming when they are deciding to pull out at intersections. A simple flip of the switch can prevent a lot of tragedy.

Below is the text of Iowa’s law:

321.384 When lighted lamps required.

1. Every motor vehicle upon a highway within the state, at any time from sunset to sunrise, and at such other times when conditions such as fog, snow, sleet, or rain provide insufficient lighting to render clearly discernible persons and vehicles on the highway at a distance of five hundred feet ahead, shall display lighted headlamps as provided in section 321.415, subject to exceptions with respect to parked vehicles as hereinafter stated.

2. Whenever requirement is hereinafter declared as to the distance from which certain lamps and devices shall render objects visible or within which such lamps or devices shall be visible, said provisions shall apply during the times stated in subsection 1 of this section upon a straight level unlighted highway under normal atmospheric conditions unless a different time or condition is expressly stated.