To the Editor:

With lack of federal funding and revenue shortfalls the legislature looks ONLY to make deep cuts to vital services, from public education and mental health to healthcare, public safety, senior and human services including courts, and survivor programs, doing more harm to Iowa’s future.

Yet they go forward with Voter ID system that costs upward $1.5 million that clearly could wait.  The Secretary of State Paul Pate, himself, said there was no sign of voter ID problems found in Iowa. ( Huff Post, Jan. 5, 2017, “Voter fraud isn’t a Problem in Iowa”, Sam Levine).  And How can a simple move to another office cost $100,000 plus?

It is time they scrutinize the billions of dollars spent but do away with consultants and analyze the reports themselves. “Do their job!”

The legislature should review the Senate File 295 that was passed in 2013 which was the biggest tax cut in Iowa history (Gazette, June 12, 2013, “Governor, Lawmakers brag about largest tax cut in Iowa history, James Q. Lynch). Repeal the costly and wasteful tax loopholes that Iowans are paying for.

These Corporate giveaway programs and tax reductions for high income households are projected to cost the state more than $1 billion in fiscal 2018. (DesMoines Register, Jan. 29, 2017)

Before reducing support for vital services, legislature should be building economic growth by making investments with-

Infrastructure- grow jobs and commerce

Public schools- better educated and quality workforce

Public Safety- increase law enforcement officers

Healthcare- keep people able to work

Look at state revenue system for new ways to increase revenue, video streaming and thru Internet sales of goods.  (” A Fiscal Policy Agenda for Stronger State Economics”, Erica Williams).

The Governor and legislature need to support Iowa families not Corporate sponsors.  We all should pay for the shortfall.


“Iowans are paying for Corporate tax Giveaways”, Feb. 8, 2017, Representative John Forbes

Iowa Public Policy Project, “Tax cuts represent Iowa’s priorities problem”, March 5, 2015, Peter Fisher

— Joyce Lucas

Vinton, Iowa