You in the “Resist” movement, just what do you hope to accomplish? Do you want secure borders? Do you want MS-13 gang members jailed and then deported? Do you want ISIS defeated? Do you want pro- growth policies so that the working middle class can receive higher wages and more economic security? Do you want our military stronger and better trained? Do you want Sanctuary cities ended? Do you want drug dealers stopped at the border and imprisoned? Do you want the opiod epidemic ended? Do you want shootings in the inner cities to end? Your little red and green cardboard signs seem third grade to me. Anger/hate has no solutions! So what is it you want? You want the outsider impeached.   The elite in the political parties and the elite main stream media can’t stand that Hillary lost to an outsider. All the money and all the support of big money men/women failed to win half of the voters – so called “Deplorables” that demanded change. The accomplishments of the Administration so far have been overshadowed by nitpicking stuff. His language is imprecise, but I and many working class Americans understand exactly what he means. I still support President Trump and I wish the elite defeated as they want the “gravy train” to continue – this at the expense of the working middle class.


John Stiegelmeyer