To the Editor:

A comment about the day I will not forget Nov 22, 1963.

I was new to Active Duty Air Force a 2nd Lieutenant at Undergraduate Pilot Training at Webb AFB, Big Spring, Texas.  That was not the last assassination For Bobby Kennedy and Then Dr. Martin Luther King were killed one by pistol and the latter by rifle some months later.  Years later I saw pictures of the dead President.  I was led to believe that Lee Harvey Oswald shot the President from behind. in other words a shot to the back of the head.  The pictures would show the back of the President’s head all but missing – indicating to me the shot came from the front.  I am no expert on wounds but all animals that I have shot with a rifle the exit hole is always bigger. The fact that the Secret Service would not allow the Dallas Police to take custody of the President’s body for an autopsy is a deal not fully explained.  I do not to this day know if anyone conducted an autopsy.  I can not explain how the governor of Texas was also shot by a bullet shot from the rear.  I do not have any knowledge of the rifle used in the assassination, but do know that $200 or less would have bought a superior rifle like the Remington Model 70 – accurate out of the box capable of minute of angle accuracy.  Back ground checks were not required to purchase at that time.  Questions continue to persist to this day on what really happened on that tragic day.

Note:  Lee Harvey Oswald was a former U. S. Marine.  The Marines train their troops to be accurate shooters.  Marksmanship is a deteriorating skill.  There is no evidence given that Oswald was a member of any shooting club or that he was a proven marksman.

John Stiegelmeyer