A little over 7 years ago, life handed us what we thought was the biggest lemon.

Then someone handed us a cookbook.

You can make run of the mill lemonade if you want, but as we looked at the lemon we thought perhaps, just maybe, we could make the best lemon meringue.

Let’s say losing our last job was the lemon and Vinton Today became that Lemon Meringue.

We had seen over the years how you could do a ho-hum job, get the news out whenever you wanted, sell advertising to support a huge staff  if you wanted, and often we found the last thing that was important was the news, while it was the necessary “wrapping”, it wasn’t always the focus.

When we first started Vinton Today it was with the intent to make the news shine. Make our site different. Make it relevant and timely.

We wanted to keep all of our news local.

We figure everyone has a story, and there’s no need to go outside our area to a statewide or national level for news, and hey, you get that when you flip on the TV.

What we wanted was a news site that directed it’s readers and anyone who might search “Vinton Iowa”, to our little town.

So that’s where we started.

We’ve known for years that people like to see themselves and their friends and neighbors in the news, and we decided that would be our focus.

As we close in on our 23.5 millionth visit to the site, we see that we have it right!

Sure, we could have settled 7 years ago with a nice glass of lemonade, but wouldn’t you RATHER have a nice slice of pie?

We hope that you have enjoyed what we have done with your donations each year to keep this site going. Once again, we are asking you to “buy a virtual slice of the pie” and continue to support this FREE community resource.

We’ve made it simple to contribute! Simply click on this link and you will able to donate with your credit card.

If you’d rather send in a check, you can also do that, simply address it to Vinton Today, P.O. Box 7, Vinton, Iowa, 52349.

Again, we thank each of you for your kindness!