The 2017 Junior Gold Bowling Championships were held in Cleveland Ohio with 1417 young men (U20) competing.  Each youth bowler bowl four games on four different sport shot patterns.  The competition started with two days of practices, which enabled each bowler to get an idea of how they should bowl on each sport pattern.  These young men were bowling against other men from all over the United States and Puerto Rico.  Bowling in a national competition enables the bowlers to meet other bowlers that share their passion of bowling.

This year, Iowa qualified 21 bowlers to attend this year’s U20 Junior Gold Competition.  Many of the Iowa bowlers came from Eastern Iowa as this is where the majority of the Junior Gold qualifying tournaments are held.

Vinton sent three bowlers to Cleveland this year, which included Cole Garwood, Jacob Gosse, and Jordan Schoettmer.

After all qualifying games were completed Garwood scored 2777 pins, Gosse 3181 pins, and Schoettmer 2632 pins. 

To advance to the next round of competition a bowler had to be one of the top 203 scores which was greater than 3002 pins.  Gosse qualified to make the first cut and moved to the Advancer’s Round.

The Advancer’s Round included 5 more games of bowling on a different sport pattern.  After bowling the Advancer’s Round, Gosse’s scores placed him as the 93rd bowler out of 203.

Gosse will earn a college scholarship for his placing in this national youth bowling tournament.