Taylor Berry, right, tied for first among WaMaC girls with a 440; Korey Murdock tied for 6th.

Junior Taylor Berry rolled six strikes in the first of her two games, ending up with a 256/184/440 score to tie for first among the girls at the WaMaC bowling contest Saturday in Cedar Rapids.

There are currently 7 teams from the WaMaC that have bowling teams, 4 teams are class 1A and 3 are class 2A.

“Overall, both our girls and boys teams bowled well,” says Coach Amber Pattee. “We had several great games and hopefully this has helped gain some confidence and channeled competitive spirit amongst the teams.  Both teams finished second overall and we had 2 individual girls that were in the top 6 out of 42 bowlers.”

Coach Pattee offered the following summary:

Varsity Boys – This team came together and shot over 300 pins above current average to prove to themselves that they have the talent to compete.  The boys were led by freshman, Cyrus Elwick with a real nice 440 series. Senior, Jordan Schoettmer followed with a 256 game and 426 series. The team fought to gain momentum and really came on during the baker games.  As a team, they averaged 207 over a 15 game total. 

Cole Tharp                 150 158 308
Ryan Schoettmer         141 246 387
Cyrus Elwick                 224 216 440
Keegan McKibben 195 210 405
Josh Staab                 201 200 401
Jordan Schoettmer 170 256 426
Total for the tournament 3107

Varsity Girls – this girls team came to play and compete with these teams. They had their season high at the tournament.  Two of our girls were among the top for individuals: Taylor Berry tied for first place overall shooting a fantastic 440 series with a 256 game.  Taylor’s series was more than 100 pins above her current series average. Korey Murdock tied for 6th place overall with two consistent games for a 384 series and over 80 pins over her current series average.

Jillian White                 142 106 248
Brianna Lundavall 155 149 304
Korey Murdock         189 195 384
Connie Upmeyer         128 161 289
Erin Wood                 159 149 308
Taylor Berry                 256 184 440
Total for the tournament 2521

The bowlers travel to Charles City for the Regional contest on Tuesday.