On Wednesday, Union Knights Coach Joe Hadachek resigned.

After 12 years as head football coach at Union High School, Joe described his time coaching as “One great ride.”

Before becoming coach, he had worked with the youth program, starting that with Coach Don Sallee in 2003,  building the program that continues today.

He took a minute to thank the fans both for their support as well as for coming to the games. Coach Hadachek also took a moment to reflect on relationships he has built over the years, referring to those relationships as the brick and mortar of his experience at Union High School.

Actively involved in the Fields of Faith program, he was an example to many of the students at Union.

He also thanked his wife Gloria for being his rock and for giving up some of her plans so that she could back him up in his endeavors.

Ending with telling his audience that he had an “attitude of gratitude” for everyone that he’s worked with the past 12 years at Union, including 2 of his own sons that he had the opportunity to coach. Wrapping up his message to the fans, he took a minute to thank God for the blessings that he’s had as a coach at Union.

Good luck on your next step Coach Hadachek!