Vikette Head Soccer Coach Megan Hesson, with seniors, Hannah Roster, Haley Dinderman, Alyssa Root and MaKaila Hill.

When the new Vinton-Shellsburg Vikette soccer coach yells out some kind of number, the response she is likely to hear from her players is “MATH!”

That’s because Megan Hesson’s full-time job is that of VSHS math teacher.

In her first year as head coach (following a year as assistant to former coach Dave Cornell) Hesson says that the job is even more fun than she expected it to be.

A native of Maryland, Hesson played soccer in high school there. One big difference between the two states: Maryland teams play in the fall, and have a few months of consistently warm weather. The Vikettes have practiced in mostly cold spring weather so far this season.

The Vikettes play their home opener tonight, hosting Western Dubuque. They lost their season opener on Tuesday at Clear Creek-Amana, 6-1.

The Vikettes have just under 40 players for their varsity and JV teams, and are led by seniors Alyssa Root, Hannah Roster, Haley Dinderman and MaKaila Hill.

See the Vikette schedule HERE.