By Amber Pattee
In a first for the VS bowlers, the Muscatine tournament consisted of several 1,2 and 3A schools.

Ryan Schoettmer places 4th in Muscatine.

Both Varsity and JV gained experience and were able to see how a large tournament compares to a standard meet of this caliber.  The varsity top teams and some of the individual bowlers received medals at the tournament but unfortunately, the JV teams did not.

Ryan Schoettmer bowled a 447 and received a 4th place individual medal. Ryan has been building his skills for 3 years now and is really starting to hit his stride.
The boys’ scores are as follows:
Charley Cooling 160 215 375
Payton Haefner 175 145 320
Weston Powers 122 205 327
Ryan Schoettmer 245 202 447
Cyrus Elwick         233 184 417
Nathan Harrelson146 171 317
The Total Team Score of 2759 brings them to a 184 average, above their previous average this year.
The Girls varsity had some tough competition as well but shot above average as a team. The high bowler was Jordan Pattee who averaged 158,  13 pins above her current average. She has gained confidence and continue to be a strong member of this team.
The Girls Results are below:
Jozee White                 141 160 301
Brianna Lundvall         147 160 307
Jordan Pattee         182 134 316
Anna Becker                 168 146 314
Jenna Pattee         124 111 235
Christina Harrelson 146 165 311
The Total Team Score was 2261 which is a 150.7 average and above their current average this season
The boys and girls JV teams enjoyed the experience and had some exciting bowling as well. With the setup of the tournament, it was difficult to watch all of the bowling but the scores definitely show the talent that VS continues to have.  An exceptional standout for the boy’s team was Cameron Karr who had an amazing 501 series with a 278 game. He had the highest series shot across Varsity and JV throughout the tournament. Cam has changed his style of bowling and has learned so much since the beginning of the season. I am excited to see what he does next.
The high for the JV girls team was Brenna Scheel with a 330 series and a 199 game which is her highest game ever. Brenna enjoys bowling and has learned so much in the last few years. She continues to show her true love for the sport each meet.
Below are the JV scores.
Tommy Sass         136 117 253
Donny Sass         131 151 282
Jace Staab         192 146 338
Matthew Rippel 164 192 356
Ayden Bearbower 187 160 347
Cameron Karr 223 278 501
Brenna Scheel 199 131 330
Renee Gram         136 121 257
Allie Geiger           96 96 192
Chloe Tharp         146 121 267
Alyssa Hansen 158 137 295
Jillian White         124 127 251
Tuesday’s meet against CR Prairie a 3A school and West Dubuque a 2A school was a tough competition.  Vinton Shellsburg is a 1A school, so it is tough to compete against teams in other classes, however, competing pushes the kids to the next level.  Unfortunately, the outcome of these competitions is not what we wanted. In the end, we gained experience and that is what we focus on.
First up, the Varsity girls: The girls were led by Christina Harrelson who shot a really nice 398 series.  Christina is one of the leaders on the team and continues to improve her game through a great deal of practice.  The team shot 200 pains over their current average for the season.
Jozee White                 116 136 252
Jordan Pattee         166 152 318
Christina Harrelson 207 191 398
Brianna Lundvall         153 134 287
Chloe Tharp                 153 125 278
Jenna Pattee         142 127 269
Total Team Score – 2373 which is an increase in 8 pins averages since the tournament.
The Varsity boys team struggled with the lanes and adjusting to the changing patterns but worked together as a team.  This team was again led by Ryan Schoettmer shooting a 388 series.  Ryan has been learning to adjust to changing lanes and is a great asset to help the other bowlers.
Charley Cooling         159 162 321
Cameron Karr         180 179 359
Ryan Schoettmer         174 214 388
Riley Richart                 129 189 318
Payton Haefner         194 137 331
Nathan Harrelson 188 161 349
Team Total Score – 2633
The JV teams competed as well and the boys’ team came out second place over CR Prairie.  The JV Girls team was led by Jillian White with a 247.  Jillian changed her style of bowling, is persistent at getting better and pushing forward. The boys were led by Jachob Roster with a nice 378.  This is the first season that Jachob has been on the team and is really working hard and getting better with each meet.
Renee Gram           84 127 211
Brenna Scheel 118 109 227
Alyssa Hansen   91 128 219
Catie Steele           84   94 178
Allie Geiger           97   97 194
Jillian White         127 120 247
Drew Elwick         152 193 345
Jace Staab         136 182 318
Jachob Roster 165 213 378
Matthew Rippel 107 137 244
Ayden Bearbower 162 194 356
Weston Powers 182 148 330