Amelia Birker led the varsity girls, finishing in 6th place.

Viking varsity runners begin their home race.

Seventh grader Austin Kemp was the star of the Vinton-Shellsburg home cross country meet on Tuesday. He won the middle school boys two-mile race, 15 seconds ahead of the second place finisher.

Kemp was the only VS athlete in all grades to finish first in his or her race, which included boys and girls varsity, JV and middle school events.

The top VS varsity Vikette finisher, Amelia Birker, came in 6th place. Cole Tharp (3rd place) and Nolan Haisman (6th) led the Vikings. Other VS medalists included Vikettes Libbie Timmerman (8th place) and Ellie Gloede (10th place) and Vikings Cameron and Matt Karr, who finished a second apart for 9th and 10th place.

The Middle School girls finished in first place in team scoring, taking 4th through 7th place as well as 9th and 10th in individual scoring. VSMS girl medalists included:

Austin Kemp won the MS two-mile race during the home cross country meet Tuesday.

4th: Charlee Johnson 8th Vinton-Shellsburg MS 14:46 7:23
5th: Kinzzy Miracle 8th Vinton-Shellsburg MS 15:02 7:31
6th: Molly Haisman 7th Vinton-Shellsburg MS 15:17 7:39
7th: Grace Sutton 8th Vinton-Shellsburg MS 15:38

9th: Ellery Johnson 7th Vinton-Shellsburg MS 15:48 7:54
10th: Cameron Dlouhy 8th Vinton-Shellsburg MS

Along with Kemp’s win, Kale Schulte finished 8th to earn the other medal for VSMS boys.

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