Sometimes a great friend knows just what you need to hear.

And sometimes, a great friend can say it without using words, as this story from Fenway Park demonstrates.

Despite his 3-0 record so far, the 2018 baseball season has been anything but a breeze for Boston Red Sox pitcher Eduardo Rodriquez.

He began the season on the DL, after having knee surgery after the 2017 season. He missed most of spring training and got knocked out of the game early in his first start of the season. His ERA is not great (3.63) and he has given up home runs in three of his four games.

Boston, however, has won every game that Rodriguez started, including Wednesday’s game, when he lasted into the seventh inning.

Rodriquez had just given up a home run, and Boston fell behind. The manager came out to make a pitching change, and Rodriguez headed toward the dugout, looking toward the ground, thinking of the mistake he had just thrown.

But teammate Hanley Ramirez saw Rodriquez and reached out. He gently put his hand under his teammate’s head and raised it, as if to say: “Chin up. You did well, my friend.”

Although a still photo of the inspiring moment of friendship looks funny, with Rodriguez’s coach patting his cap and his teammate raising his chin, seeing that moment live on TV and in the highlights on was inspiring.

One good word, says the Bible, can make a sad heart glad.

Sometimes those good words don’t even to be spoken to be effective.

Regardless of whether or not you like the Red Sox, or even baseball, this week’s short interaction is a good example for friends in any arena. Let your friends know how awesome they are — especially when they are not feeling so awesome. Be the guy or the gal with the good word.