While to Union football fans, it appeared that missed calls by referees resulted in touchdowns that would have given Union a win at Charles City, coach Joe Hadachek says he and his team are the ones who need to own the 21-20 loss at home on Friday.
“Overall, we have to own it,” says Hadachek. “We had chances to score inside the red zone and did not get points. We missed two PATs and one FG. It was a unit issue, not just kicker.  There are a lot of variables on each unit.  On that unit you have snapper, holder, and protection in addition to the kicker. Believe me we will find a way to fix it.”
“Our defense had some tremendous stops and created three turnovers,” says the coach. “We had a chance to win at the end.  You want the game to end with kids making plays and we did that.  Unfortunately, there are some things out of your hands as a coach and player.”
The good news about Friday’s loss, says Hadachek, is that the team has not yet played its best football.
“We still can improve on offense and defense,” he explains. “We gave up a 99 yard drive and didn’t get a touchdown on the one yard line when it was first and goal. So we own the loss.  As the head coach it falls on my shoulders to make sure our kids are well prepared with the help of our staff.   I didn’t get it done.”
So now, says the coach, the focus is back to the process of effort and attitude.
“We can build for the rest of the season or we can mope after the one that got away,” Hadachek. “Our kids played their tails off and will respond with resiliency like they always do. I have no doubt our best football game has not yet been played. That’s what excites me. I believe in our coaches and our kids and we will rally.”
This Friday, Union will play is our toughest opponent yet, says Hadachek, referring to undefeated Dike New-Hartford.
“Dike-NH has 4-5 athletes with DII or NAIA offers. They are well coached and fundamentally sound,” he says.
See game stats below: