The Vinton-Shellsburg Cross County Camp for runners in grades 5-8 will take place Aug. 6-9.

Coaches say the goal of the camp is to Our goal of our four-day camp is to “introduce the sport of Cross Country in a fun way involving high school students and our own coaching staff.”

Leaders will discuss flexibility, strength, nutrition, hydration and many other topics that will help student athletes in many ways other than Cross Country.

Coaches say they hope the experience will also help participants bond with  each other and form friendships that will last, hopefully, long into the future.
Cost is $15. Please bring registration forms to the central office or mail to: Vinton-Shellsburg Central Office Atten: Steph Miller 210 W 21st St. Vinton, IA 52345.

To see a printable form, click here: cccamp