The Vinton-Shellsburg wrestling team recently competed against Williamsburg and Clear Creek-Amana, losing to both.

Results are below:

Williamsburg (WILL) 57.00 Vinton-Shellsburg (VISH) 18.00
120: Luke Radeke (VISH) over Garrett Jenson (WILL) (MD 12-4) 126: Dylan Caskey (WILL) over Payton Haefner (VISH) (Fall 3:56) 132: Brock Radeke (VISH) over Josh Garretson (WILL) (TF 24-9 4:26) 138: Jose Maldonado (WILL) over Christian Lovell (VISH) (Fall 2:14) 145: Scott Betterton (VISH) over Gage Blythe (WILL) (Dec 2-1) 152: Gage Hazen-Fabor (WILL) over Dylan Staker (VISH) (MD 9-1) 160: Cavin Malloy (WILL) over Dylan Wagner (VISH) (TF 17-2 5:50) 170: Kort Johnson (VISH) over Tucker Stanerson (WILL) (Fall 3:39) 182: Isaac Maser (WILL) over   (VISH) (For.) 195: Josh Holub (WILL) over   (VISH) (For.) 220: Dalton Kuhnle (WILL) over   (VISH) (For.) 285: Logan Knutson (WILL) over   (VISH) (For.) 106: Chase  Malloy (WILL) over Kody Vogt (VISH) (Fall 1:59) 113: Jalen Schropp (WILL) over Carter Weeks (VISH) (Fall 3:39)

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Clear Creek-Amana (CCA) 42.00 Vinton-Shellsburg (VISH) 33.00
113: Carter Weeks (VISH) over Alex Floryanovich (CCA) (Fall 0:30) 120: Luke Radeke (VISH) over Hunter Schmelzer (CCA) (Fall 1:48) 126: Myshawn Smith (CCA) over Payton Haefner (VISH) (DQ) 132: Brock Radeke (VISH) over Jordan  Delaney (CCA) (Dec 13-8) 138: Quinn Murphy (CCA) over Christian Lovell (VISH) (Fall 2:57) 145: Scott Betterton (VISH) over Andrew Rohret (CCA) (Dec 3-0) 152: Dylan Staker (VISH) over Austin McCarty (CCA) (Fall 1:05) 160: Dylan Wagner (VISH) over Sam Steckly (CCA) (Dec 7-6) 170: Kort Johnson (VISH) over Walker Kurka (CCA) (Fall 1:01) 182: Tanner Cochran (CCA) over   (VISH) (For.) 195: Spencer Beltz (CCA) over   (VISH) (For.) 220: Cole White (CCA) over   (VISH) (For.) 285: Ethan  Taylor (CCA) over Grant Ries (VISH) (Fall 0:32) 106: Samual Stevens (CCA) over Kody Vogt (VISH) (Fall 1:22)

You can find more details regarding this dual using the following link.