Kaitlyn Goodell swimming her 500 Freestyle at Williamsburg.

Geordyn Webster swimming her 100 Butterfly.

By Ashley Hesson, VSU swim coach

Last night was a great night for VSU swimming!!! 1st out of 5 teams at the Williamsburg Invite…

–won every event
–also took second in 2 events
–5 different girls took home individual 1st place finishes, all 8 girls contributed to winning their relay events
–every VSU swimmer score points in every event they swam
–won the team totals by 50 points
Senior swimmer Kaitlyn Goodell had great night: dropped 5 seconds off her personal best to win the 200 Freestyle, and cut over a second off her personal best in the 500 Freestyle to bring home the points for 4th place. Her relay contributions were also some of her best times of the year! Kaitlyn has worked hard through some pretty severe shoulder issues, she’s a great leader on this team – it’s great to see her have such a fantastic night in the pool.

Amanda Cardenas finishes her Breaststroke turn as teammates Clarissa Carolan, Lizzie Moore, Natalie Tecklenburg, and Emily Levis cheer her on.

Arabella Shepard continues to improve her mark on the VSU record books – improving on her own records in the 100 Breaststroke (to a 1:10.60) and the 500 Freestyle (to a 5:36.28).

Senior Lizzie Moore won all of her events, dropping time in her 100 Freestyle. Freshmen Geordyn Webster & Clarissa Carolan each took home wins. Sophomore Natalie Tecklenburg had strong times to contribute 2nd place points in both her individual events.
Again, most of the girls swam 1 or 2 of their events just minutes after finishing their previous event. It really shows our conditioning is working – they can give an all-out 100% effort, recover for a short period, then do it all over again. And they never complain. Instead, I see them shaking hands with other athletes, helping someone out of the pool, even linking arms with other teams during the national anthem. These girls finish a race, grab their towel, then head to the side of the pool to cheer on their teammates. I’m so proud of what they can do in the pool, but I’m also proud of how they act as a team out of the pool as well.