Do you want your custom ad to appear on our website? Just fill out the form below to order your very own ad! If you already have an image that you want to use for your ad, you can submit it below; otherwise we will create an image for you. Please submit the form once for each ad you would like. You can select multiple locations/pages for the ad to appear on, but you can only select one ad type and upload one image at a time.

Please Note: The price listed next to each ad type corresponds to a single occurrence of the ad. For example, if you select “Large Square ad” at $100/mo and check both the “News” and “Sports” pages the total you are invoiced for will be $200/mo.

Please Note: For Search Engine Optimization and Mobile Usability purposes, for each “Long” ad submitted we also require a “Large Square” version of the ad. We display the square version of the ad on smaller mobile devices so that the mobile user can still see your ad clearly. Don’t worry, the cost of these ads is the same and your ad will still appear everywhere you want it to!

For questions or concerns feel free to email us at: and we will reply as quickly as possible!

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(Don't worry, the traffic is evenly divided between each of these categories!)

A Note on Ad Image Sizes

Please only upload images of the dimensions specified for that ad type. Due to the way our website handles the ad images, we will not be able to use any ads that are not the correct size. Please contact us if you are having problems resizing your ad images. Image sizes are as follows:

  • Large Long ads - 948px X 115px
  • Large Square ads - 304px X 304px
  • Small Square ads - 180px X 150px
  • Business Card ads - 350px X 200px

(Subject to availability, billing at the beginning of each month.)


If you already have an image you would like to use for your ad, you may upload it here. Otherwise, we would happily create one for you!

Acceptable file types: doc,docx,pdf,txt,gif,jpg,jpeg,png.
Maximum file size: 1mb.

Please only load a second image if you selected a "Long" ad. This is where you would upload the "Large Square" version that will display on mobile.


The ads have the capability to link to a website or Facebook page.