Friday was Day 1 for Shellsburg Elementary Kindergarten students, as well as for their teacher, Emily Hanson. Mrs. Hanson is pictured leading her children in a song to help them get the wiggles out so they can sit still for their first reading lesson.

Mrs. Vasquez leads the students in her first grade class in the Pledge of Allegiance on Friday, as Kindergarten children file through to their classes.

Friday morning was an exciting and emotional day for many area families — those who sent their children to Kindergarten for their very first day of school.

Tilford and Shellsburg Elementary welcomed the new students, as teachers, siblings and friends helped the members of the Vinton-Shellsburg Class of 2030 find their way around.

It was an emotional day for some children, and even more parents. While a few children cried when it was time for the parents to leave, more moms had trouble holding back tears while watching their children race toward the playground and their new (and old) friends.

For Emily Hanson, it was her second first day of Kindergarten. The 2010 VS graduate is teaching at Shellsburg.

KyLee Cripe helps her younger brother, Bryson, find his way around during the first day of Kindergarten on Friday.

She said this Day 1 made her more nervous than her first day as a student.

Among the older students helping the Kindergarteners was KyLee Cripe. The third-grader moved her mom to tears as she led her brother, Bryson, by the hand into Tilford, and stayed with him until it was time for him to join his class.

“KyLee wins the award for best big sister,” said her mom, Becky. “Bryson wasn’t scared because she held his hand and guided him through the whole process. I probably could have kept it together had I not seen such an amazing bond shine through on such a big day.”

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