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ASAC April Newsletter

Recovery is Possible

Below is a poem written by a patient from Heart of Iowa who overdosed 9 times in the two weeks before starting treatment. She is now training to be a parent partner and is going to school to be a counselor. 

Recovery is possible when you want to live more than you want to die. And that's when we come to you.


At our lowest of the lows and little hope to spare. You clothed us and supplied us with the necessities to bare.


You helped provide resources so I can go to the gym to workout when my budget couldn't afford it but my recovery begged for it.


You were my life line when I was struggling to find the means and ways to call my sponsor. You set me up with a phone card and showed me really what recovery all has to offer.


So shout-out to everyone who made this grant possible. Not only did this grant help me succeed when I never thought I could before. It helped us spread our wings from our cocoons off addiction and SOR.

Pinwheels for Prevention

April is National Child Abuse Prevention Month and ASAC is taking part in Pinwheels for Prevention! We have pinwheels at Heart of Iowa, CD+, and Hightower Place, this is from ASAC's Heart of Iowa Location!


Childhood trauma (ACEs) has been linked to substance use disorder.


ASAC works to minimize disruptions for kids whose parents have a substance use disorder and serves both youth and adults using trauma informed care.

Addressing Gambling in the Workplace

March was Problem Gambling Month, where awareness is raised for the hidden issue of gambling disorders which effects millions of Americans. 


An easy an important way for employers and organizations to address the effects of gambling is by creating a workplace gambling policy. ASAC's prevention staff offer a variety of workplace services to assist companies in creating a safe and healthy work environment, including assisting employers to create gambling policies. 


With the proper documents and training, employers will be prepared to address problems in advance, and will be able to better understand and support employees with gambling problems. 

April is Alcohol Awareness Month

Established in 1987, Alcohol Awareness Month Allows communities to focus on spreading awareness and reducing the stigma associated with alcohol dependence and substance use disorders.


ASAC will be sharing relevant facts and positive messages this month to bring attention and support to alcohol dependence. 

Presenting to Youth on the Dangers of Vaping

ASAC prevention staff worked with Clinton Middle School to provide a presentation and event for students during their homecoming. With close to 900 students and staff participating, the event involved a series of games and trivia surrounding the issue of vaping. 


Local Iowa Students for Tobacco Education and Prevention (ISTEP) took the lead, choosing the important issues surrounding vaping to share with their peers and overseeing the event with help from ASAC staff. 


The event followed a four-day Catch My Breath presentation on the dangers of smoking specifically for 8th grade students. 


ISTEP students and school staff are excited to put on another interactive learning opportunity for students! 


National Drug & Alcohol Facts Week

March 22-26th was National Drug and Alcohol Facts Week, a national campaign to connect teens with science-based information on substance use. 


ASAC Prevention staff worked with Community Coalitions to reach local youth to "shatter the myths" around alcohol and drug use. Board members and staff shared their reasons for shattering the myths! 


ASAC is able to bring treatment and recovery to those struggling with substance abuse through the generosity of individuals and organizations throughout the community. Thank you for helping the people ASAC serves!

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