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Jr Journalists

Credit card advice

By Vinton Today · April 22nd, 2015
By Paul Johnson For all you boys & girls going to college I am here to tell you something important about credit cards, some people will try to give to you. They may make it sound good; for example a 6 month free but once it's gone the stuff you paid with it in those months will cost you, and if you don't pay on time interest will double in price and some who graduated owe 8 years worth of interest to pay.

Junior Journalist dreams of taking it easy

By Junior Journalists · March 11th, 2015
Someplace that I would like to go during the springtime is to Maui where you can lay on the beach and read a good book in the nice warm sand under the sun. There are also beautiful waterfalls and dense rain forests. There are a ton of paths you can follow. The whole island is a very beautiful place to visit.

Changes to be made to Middle School Entrance this Summer

By Jr. Journalist · January 28th, 2015
The office is doing a project. In the summer they will start and build a new part to it where if people after 8:30 want to come in, they have to go through there. It will take about a month to finish and was the cheapest idea. They are doing it to see who is coming in and for safety. They will have a window area so they can talk to whoever wants to come in.

VSMS students share thoughts on Martin Luther King Day

By Vinton Today · January 22nd, 2015
I think Martin Luther King, Jr was an amazing guy with big dreams. He was African American. He believed the color of your skin didn’t matter. It was what was in your heart and head. Martin Luther gave a speech about a dream he had where the world was united and we all got along together. Martin Luther conducted many sit-ins and walks to prove the color of your skin was just the color of your skin.

Kids with a creative flair for advertising

By Vinton Today · December 24th, 2014
Here are a few more advertisements from Mrs. Hyland's third-grade students, who have been working on persuasive communication: X Box 360 By Matthew Do you want your children to exercise? Are you tired of getting wet and cold when you try to go outside to play? If so, buy an X Box 360.

Christmas Break: My holiday plans

By Vinton Today · December 24th, 2014
For Christmas break, I will be visiting my family and staying home but at least I’ll be giving and getting presents. My brother, Colton, will be coming to our house on Christmas eve and my sister's girlfriend will be coming over on New Year’s eve as well. We don’t get a lot of presents but we give friends and family presents.

Thanksgiving and why I like it

By Junior Journalists · November 18th, 2014
Every year we go to grandmothers for a BIG Thanksgiving feast with family and out of town or country. it's fun because I don't see these relatives much. And every time there is ANGEL FOOD CAKE! Paul J. On Thanksgiving break, all I want to do is spend time with my dad and go places together.

What I Would Do On A Snow Day

By Junior Journalists · November 18th, 2014
On a snow day I would curl up by the fire and read a ghostly story, maybe play on my Kindle Fire, or play outside in the snow with my brother. If I could go somewhere I would go over to my grandmother’s house play Pool in her basement or go to AirFX. Alli K. On a snow day I would like to go to the recreational center and play basketball.

Junior Journalists shares ideas for RTI

By Junior Journalists · November 12th, 2014
Marjorie D, One thing that I would do is a bible study for Christian kids. I also never got to do coil basket making and I really wanted to do that so I think that if the kids that didn't go could do it but the people that already did it can’t.

Junior Journalists thoughts on Veteran's Day

By Junior Journalists · November 12th, 2014
I thought the assembly was sweet. They showed the people who recently died who served. I thought that when they showed the people it affected the kids so much because some of the people shown were parents to the kids. Marjorie If I was in the air force, I would do my best to protect the people in the United States and make sure that I can do my best for the people.

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