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Letter to the Editor: A note from and unhyphenated Patriot American


First off I am an unhyphenated Patriotic American, but I have been called a “bitter clinger”, a “deplorable –irreconcilable”, and lately a “Neanderthal” thinker.  And now according to Leonard Pitts’ opinion piece in the April 1 DMREG – I am a coward, liar, and a fool because I do not fall for the Liberal/Marxist/Communist wing of the Democrat party.  I have never owned a slave, nor have I physically abused any human of color or no color.  Nor have I prevented any person his/her ability to cast a legal vote.  If the author and Democrats as a whole are trying to change me to their agenda – it ain’t work’n.   We Americans are basically a good and moral people.  We believe in freedom, liberty and the American way; all can achieve success based on their ability and willingness to work for it.  Victimization is nothing more than a cover for underachievers. 

                Nationally this last election did not all go the way I had wished, but for the most part it went the way I wished in Iowa.  Conservative thought won 3 of 4 House seats and 1 Senate seat.  Even though outnumbered in the first District Mariannette Miller-Meeks was finally declared the winner.  President Biden has shown within the first 100 days error upon error in administration.  He has acted like only a one-term is possible.  This is his only chance for top down governance.  2022 and 2024 can’t come soon enough.


John Stiegelmeyer

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