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Winter Safety in Subzero Weather

By Valerie Close · January 29th, 2019
There are some things that shouldn't have to be said. But every year, in the midst of snowstorms, we have accidents, unnecessarily. It's Iowa folks. Take your time, and for goodness sake, don't pass someone if you can't see what's coming or where you're going. The weather has been vicious this past week and a half.

Both the Vinton and Shellsburg Unitypoint Clinic office hours for Wednesday 1/30/19 will be 10:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m.. Please call ahead to make sure we are still open before attempting a trip to the office.

Vinton Palace to close Tuesday & Wednesday Due to the weather

By Vinton Palace Theatre · January 29th, 2019
For the safety of our volunteers, patrons, and staff, we have decided to close tonight, January 29 and Wednesday night, January 30. The Palace will reopen on with "Aquaman" on Thursday, January 31. "The Mule" opens Friday, February 1. FYI - as soon as this email sends, I will be issuing refunds for the three patrons who previously purchased tickets for tonight's show.

VMEU to Decide Future of Internet Service: To Proceed or Not

By Valerie Close · January 28th, 2019
One of my first introductions to city government was attending meetings of the VMEU Board. For those not familiar with what that stands for, it's the Vinton Municipal Electric Utility Board or the people who keep the lights on in Vinton and send you a bill every month. This is also the group who will be deciding whether or not Vinton has access to reliable, affordable, high-speed broadband internet.

It's not news, but patriotism has its own address in Palo

By Valerie Close · January 26th, 2019
Now I'd say I'm probably a pretty patriotic gal. When I had all 6 of our kids at home and we loaded up the car for the 4th of July parade, until they were old enough to say, "Umm, no mom, I'm not wearing that..." they'd be donned in their red, white and blue outfits. When we saw the flag coming down the street they were all taught to stand and salute the flag.

Pine 7’s Final Project Deployment in FEMA Corps

By AmeriCorps NCCC · January 26th, 2019
Pine 7’s Final Project Deployment in FEMA Corps by John Dolan It has been quite the journey since the members of Pine 7 arrived at the North Central Campus last summer. They have come from different parts of the country, but share a burning desire to get things done for America.

Vinton Today Same Website, New Design

By Valerie Close · January 25th, 2019
Things have been pretty quiet around town, but that's normal in January and February.So I thought while we're all tucked safely and warmly in our jobs and home, staying out of the nasty weather, now would be a great time to catch up on some behind the scenes work on Vinton TodayFor months there have been plans to launch the new site.

Newsflash, it snowed, AND it's going to snow more

By Valerie Close · January 23rd, 2019
I hesitate to write an article about the weather, I mean come on, that's like watching the weather reports while the reporter is standing out in a hurricane reporting that there are winds that will knock you off of your feet. It's nasty out there folks. Now that I've said that, I'll tell you that if you live in the country, you will have some very tense maneuvering on your way to civilization.

Local Storey Kenworthy office presents check to VFD

By Valerie Close · January 23rd, 2019
As a way of giving back to our local communities, Storey Kenworthy team members across the state are encouraged to nominate qualified non-profits and five organizations are selected on an annual basis as a featured non-profit. Instead of choosing a free gift as a thank you for a large order, customers may choose to have Storey Kenworthy donate to the featured non-profit organization.

Maxine Vrba was a special little lady. Born on October 30, 2000, at the Mercy Hospital in Cedar Rapids, Brein Osborn remembers that day like all new moms, it was a day filled with excitement and joy.Following a normal pregnancy and delivery with nothing out of the ordinary, Brein and Maxine were able to spend the night together like any new mom and baby.

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