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4th Street Diner

HACAP North Benton Center

202 East Fourth Street

Vinton, IA 52349


Everyone is WELCOME!

On-Site, Carryout and Home Delivered meals are available!


We have a limited number of seats available each day. To ensure you have a seat and a meal, please call for reservations before 10:00 am the day you wish to eat with us.

Reservations can be made up to 3 calendar days in advance. It is our plan to contact you if we run out of seating.

Additionally, we understand that things may come up. We ask that if you need to cancel your reservation, please do so by 10:00 am as well.

The green meal site door will be unlocked at 11:00 am and relocked at 12:30 pm. The glass lobby door will remained locked.


When reserving a meal to be eaten on-site we need to know:

1. That you are requesting to eat on site

2. Number of meals

3. Who they are for (Full Names)


When reserving carryout meals we need to know:

1. That you are requesting to pick up your meal(s)

2. Number of meals 3. Who they are for (Full Names)

3. Estimated pick up time: 11:15, noon, 12:15, or 12:30.

*Please note we are unable to accommodate the 11:30 and 11:45 time slot due to serving in the dining room as well as home-delivered meal routes.

4. Type of milk requested 2%, skim, or no milk. If preference is not indicated, then no milk will be sent.

Suggested Contribution for individuals 60 years old or older, and their spouse (regardless of age) for on-site meals is $3.25 for the meal. Individuals who are not yet 60 are WELCOME, but need to pay $4.25 for their meal directly to the Site Manager.

We deliver hot noon meals to:

Vinton - Sunday through Friday Urbana - Monday, Wednesday, and Friday

We also have nutritious Frozen Meals and Liquid Supplements. Delivery is throughout Benton County.

To sign up for an early copy of the menu please send an email to llough@hacap,org and write "Menu Request" in the Subject Line.


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