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Letter to the Editor: Battery Facts

Dear Editor, Think again before we think "renewable energy" is cleaner than hydrocarbons.  Soon our landfills will be overburdened with windmill blades Also I have been led to believe the massive concrete base of windmills deteriorates over time so when the windmill lives out its life the base is not usable for a replacement windmill - ever - ever.

Letter to the Editor: Enough is Enough - Bad Behavior Must Stop

 Dear Editor,There’s an unfortunate trend continuing in Iowa and across the nation that must be addressed: the negative behavior of some coaches, parents, and fans at high school athletic events.Far too often, we see yelling, harassment, disrespect, and even physical assault directed at high school referees, umpires, and other officials during and after games.
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Letter to the Editor: Inflation and other thoughts

Dear Editor: President Biden stated just days ago – “zero inflation”.  Hmmm?  My order of small fries at Mcdonald's went from $2.02 to $2.34 in about four weeks = 15.8% increase.  Lately, my Planters small pack of cashews went from $1.25 to $1.50 = 20% increase.  No there is no inflation – DUH!?  Oh, and I am not looking at my IRA or my Schwab Account for now – horrors.

Letter to the Editor: Never Forget

Dear Editor, I see a lot of people posting the phrase "Never forget." But never forget what? Here are a few things of which this day should always remind us.Never forget that there is evil in the world.Too many Americans during times of prosperity and peace, forget that true evil exists. Too often they try to placate and pacify evil for far too long simply allowing it to grow and fester in severity.

Letter to the Editor: Shining the Light On True Believers

Dear Editor, So I was recently called a "true believer" as if that's some sort of political pejorative. Really, the only thing I'm a true believer in is the truth. Facts. I was called a "true believer" because I understand the fairly obvious truth that Biden has done more to strengthen the economy and the country's infrastructure than the previous administration even bothered to think about.
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Letter to the Editor: Biden’s Speech – Darth Sidious Rises

Dear Editor,As the Star Wars dirge plays (in my mind anyway) in the background and Philadelphia’s Independence Hall – the birthplace of America’s Constitution no less – colored in the Black and Red of the Empire and our government’s Storm Troopers in their dress blues (I felt embarrassed for these two Marines) rather than their battle armor – Darth Sidious made his way to the podium.

Letter to the Editor: Stealing Political Signs is Illegal - It really is

To who or whom this may concern:Are you so afraid of Liz Mathis winning the campaign that you need to cut down and steal her signs around the county?? That is a criminal offense and if you are caught you will be prosecuted. Why not wait and see if the best person wins without playing dirty ahead of time. Vote Liz Mathis!Terry & Judi Hertle

Reading my mind: Meetings

There are times that I dread going to meetings.  I'm fascinated with government meetings and how everything works. I love learning about who does what, and who's in charge of which problem, and which branch state, county or city calls the shots for all of the issues. Each meeting seems to have a different feel to it. My absolute favorite is the city council meetings.
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Letter to the Editor: Biden's Executive Order 14067

Dear Editor,How many of you know about this?Do you realize President Biden plans on getting rid of your dollar & going to digital currency....sooner than you think? Do you fully understand what that means? Do you really want a social credit score? The government will now track every cent that you have. They will have the ability to limit your funds, take your funds, or completely cut you off if they don't like what you're buying, who you are supporting, what websites you are visiting, etc.

Letter to the Editor: Division, Fear, Government overreach, Lies, Taxes, Wars

Dear Editor, Haven't you all had enough already? Are you ready to put a stop to it all? What if I told you that all we have to do is unite, & collectively say that we are no longer going to put up with this corruption, this evil. I didn't think it was possible to have too much faith, but maybe I do. Maybe I have too much faith in we the people, our friends, our families, & our community.
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