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Letter to the Editor: Is the Biden Administration for or against Americans?

Dear Editor, President Joe Biden is in office to serve OUR country and OUR citizens.  Right??  The man is picking and choosing where he wants to visit and where he wants to send money to HELP.  I am assuming he knows where he's at and who he hands the money to.  [I know most of the time he doesn't know if he's teaching a class at some university or having a memorial for 9-11 in Alaska rather than in New York which would be more fitting.

Letter to the Editor: Yard Waste Removal Hassle

Dear Editor, I was wondering if I am the only Vinton resident who doesn't like the current hours of our yard waste site???? What a pain when working and then have to wait till 4 during the week to take out yard waste?? If there's a problem wouldn't cameras do the trick and catch the perpetrators?? Roger Uthoff
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Sound Bites: McDonald's Updated the Rules

Unfortunately, the folks at McDonald's and I have become best buddies. So much so that they now send me email. Like this one informing me that they have updated the "Terms and Conditions" I think it said. Apparently, they have been spying on me. "Obey the rules of the road," It said in part. As my kids would do, I rolled my eyes and said, "Yes, Mother.

Misguided government proposal targets ‘vexatious’ people

By Randy Evans, Iowa Capital DispatchMany decades ago, Mrs. Gentry and Mr. Halferty put up with an inquisitive kid’s classroom questions about American democracy and the workings of government.I did not imagine back then how the meaning of some words could take on such importance in government. Take, for example, a much-talked-about word in Iowa last week, vexatious.

What in the world is the matter with TRADITION??

Dear Editor, I am livid!!  So this editorial is necessary to keep my blood pressure from blowing off the chart.I remember when John Fetterman  returned to the Senate after being on leave for depression.  [Very admirable!]  He walked into the Senate in shorts and a sweatshirt.  I was say the least.  Not exactly what my view of a United States Senator was,  but I took into account that he was getting back into the groove.
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Letter to the Editor: Budget and Spending Bills

Editor:Budget and other spending bills.Reprinted in "The Blaze"  Senator Mike Lee (R-UT) Op. Ed. We all learned in civics class that all spending bills originate in the House of Representatives.  This Op.Ed. indicates another party does the writing and shows the final product a few days or a few hours before "gov. shut down" No one can possibly read or digest the many pages of this document.

Sound Bites: Biden's Pants are on Fire

The White House press room has been somewhat entertaining to watch. The only thing missing was the popcorn when this question came up. “The president has lied about being at Ground Zero the day after the Sept. 11 attacks, falsely claimed he saw the Pittsburgh bridge collapse, claimed his grandfather died in the hospital days before his birth.

We Forgot

Jennifer Lynn Howley, and baby Rarely can I tell you what I was doing at this very moment last week, let alone 22 years ago. But I can.  It had been a hectic weekend. This week had already turned into a change of plans, and it was only Sunday night.  At that point in time, we were in the process of trying to sell a house in Independence while living 100 miles away in Washington, Iowa.
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Letter to the Editor: Is inflation under control?

Editor:We have all heard our President say how good his Bidennomics is performing, but it is this  -  as a kinder critic would say “a tall tale” or as logic tells us a lie.  In fact, President Biden has been telling “tall tales” his entire career.  Inflation is under control and is lessening? Under President Trump my small order of McDonald's fries was $2.

Letter to the Editor: Is this a triple feature?

Editor:I have been privileged to make 82 orbits around our sun.  So I have seen and witnessed a lot of foreign affairs, beginning with the Korean War, Then Vietnam (A cousin served in country, and I in Thailand both of us USAF). Then Panama, then Grenada.  Then Iraq (twice) then Afghanistan. Now we are fueling Ukraine’s War effort. We have spent billions of taxpayer dollars and the scorecard is dismal.
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