Letter to the Editor: Buchanan County resident asks for residents to take notice

Dear Editor, While Benton County did an admiral job of keeping wind farms out of the county, if NextEra Energy gets its way in Buchanan County, folks in the northern parts of Benton County will be subjected to the same destruction of their quality of life as those of us just “across the border”. NextEra Energy has proposed placing a wind farm just north of the Benton/Buchanan Road and about a mile west of Brandon.

Letter to the Editor: Vinton parks rock!

Dear Editor, I accidentally found Vinton city Park along the river. What a fantastic park you have. Got my heart beating walking up snowhill.  And saw your beautiful playground with so many different activities for the kids.  Swimming pool, pickleball and tennis courts, ball diamonds, stage for bands plus more for kids of all ages. How thoughtful to put part of your park close to the retirement centers.

Letter to the Editor: When do pleasant thoughts arrive?

Dear Editor, I recently had a health scare.  Believe me...I was scared.  Vinton has an excellent ambulance service!  They arrived immediately, and they were both professional and compassionate.  When I was teaching in Kansas, I had the occasion to be in two different hospitals.  One in Minneapolis, Kansas, and the other in Salina, Kansas.

Letter to the Editor: VA Representative

Dear Editor, I can't believe our Director of Benton Co. Veterans Affairs only needs 20 hrs, a week to take care of our Blenton Co. Veterans. This is a giant step backward. Not long ago our Director was in the basement of the courthouse in a small office the size of a closet. The Veterans of this county deserve better. If she does not want to work 40 hours, resign and replace with someone who will put forth the effort.

Happy Father's Day to all the High-Value Dads

This Sunday is Father's Day. If you have a good dad, you're blest. If not, your mother is apologizing for that. This week I listened to a reaction video of a guy watching a pimp discuss what a high-value and low-value man is. Yes, my eyebrow was cocked through the whole thing in that "Huh? Did he REALLY just say that?" mode.Ironically, the pimp was pretty on target when talking about his gender.

Letter to the Editor: Living in the Present, remembering the past

Dear Editor: This period was during basic undergraduate pilot training at Webb AFB, Big Spring. Texas (1964).   I was midway through Training in the Northrup T-38 supersonic trainer.  This particular mission was a two-ship formation with the lead being dual (with a student) and me as the wingman ( #2) solo.  The preflight of a solo mission meant that the rear seat straps and other switches were in the proper position which would not interfere with the forward cockpit; that was where the solo pilot sat.

Trump, DeSantis, Kennedy Jr. and Doug

Ah, 'tis the political season. It's been somewhat comical to see all of the hats flying into the political ring.So far, on the Republican side, there are now 11 candidates. There's that one guy that no one knows anything about, Donald Trump, followed by Nikki Haley, Vivek Ramaswamy, Perry Johnson, Larry Elder, Asa Hutchinson, Tim Scott, Ron DeSantis, Chris Christie, Mike Pence and Doug.

Letter to the Editor: Cemeteries

Dear Editor, As we celebrated Memorial Day, we honored those who died in battle or after injuries sustained in battle. As I drove through Evergreen Cemetery I was happy to see the flags that were placed on veterans graves to honor them. We must never forget the sacrifices that veterans have made and the sacrifices that current military men and women are making for our freedom.

Letter to the Editor: Political Ads...Political Debates...Oh, the Headaches!!

Dear Editor, WELL, THE BIG RACE IS ON!!  Haven't you noticed?  I wish I hadn't!! So far, President Biden's Democratic challengers are remaining rather silent.  My gut tells me this is only temporary.  I think Kennedy could blow in at any time and knock the feeble old man over.    So, hold on.  Who is the woman????  Doubtful she can mount a decent challenge.

Post-it notes and old fashioned, handwritten notes

I wanted to take a moment to thank all of you who continue to send in donations toward Vinton Today. If you look inside my car, you'll find a post-it note hanging on my mirror with a note that one of you sent. In my visor, you'll also find another note that someone sent in along with their donation. And in the cover of a notebook that I use for another event, I have notes from a bunch of you that you've sent in along with a check.
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