Letter to the Editor: Vote NO!

Dear Editor, A little over 5 years ago, we made the decision to move out of Cedar Rapids (and the Cedar Rapids Community School District) back to my hometown of Norway. The house we bought would've easily cost another $70,000-80,000 in or near Cedar Rapids, and the property taxes and utilities were considerably less. We loved the fact that the kids could ride their bikes around town, or go to the park and play with their friends without having to worry or have adult supervision (which is not the case in Cedar Rapids!).

$48 million project who decides and who gets to pay

The Benton Community School District is seeking the approval of voters in the district to pass a 48.5 million dollar referendum. A special election will be held tomorrow, March 7. There has been a huge push by the school district there to sell this to the residents of the Benton Community School District. There have been several forums for the district to answer questions about the project.

Letter to the Editor: Vote NO!

Dear Editor, Just a reminder.If the Benton Community School election passes it will add $405 in taxes to every $100000 assessed valuation. Remember how they increase valuation just a couple years ago? This tax will only affect property owners in the district.$405 for every 100k in value. Imagine what that will do to your own taxes. $400-800 increase over last year? For how long? The proposal DOES NOT SAY WHEN this tax will end!Now that youre thinking of how much your tax will go up, imagine how many more dollars each farmer in the district will owe.

I see your city streets and will top it with a country road

The topic of roads is on the minds of some this week. I had a note from Zale Owens who sent in pictures of the roads in his part of the county. "I'm writing in to show the rural road conditions in Vinton. I've contacted Benton County, and accounts of the road conditions out here vastly differ from those working inside the Courthouse. I'd like everyone to be aware that the roads require rock.

Letter to the Editor: C'mon Man

C’mon City of Vinton!  I’ve lived here 15 years and during that time, I have only seen one small stretch of the old town streets made new. All the newer parts of town get the new roads and “heavens above” new sidewalks.C’mon City of Vinton our streets are beyond horrible - just take a drive up to Virginia Gay Hospital/Clinic. Try driving down 3rd or 4th streets!What? You say come to our meetings and make a formal complaint.

Reading my mind: 16

I think I must've hit "officially old and sappy." Tonight while saving some family photos I looked at one from six years ago. Rarely do we have family photos taken.  And when we do we have to get them retaken, you know the additions and subtractions part of the family photos. Tonight I was looking at one, that had 13 women and girls in it.

Politician Promotes Polishing Pot Policies for the Public

Jennifer Konfrst, Iowa House Minority Leader It has been reported that some Iowa lawmakers have been rolling some reefers full of that Wacky Tobaccy. Now they are pondering the possibility of hashing out a new law that would legalize the herb, marijuana that is, in Iowa. "Are they high?" you might ask. But alas, it is reported that the lawmakers are stone-cold sober, but I smell a skunk!According to some of Iowa's lawmakers, in the pot of ideas, Iowans are not out in the "weeds.

Don Lemon isn't in his prime, Google it

Don Lemon. I probably don't need to say more. Can anyone say, that women in their 50s are not in their prime? Oh, that's right, Don Lemon can. Why can he say that? Because he's an idiot for one, and secondly, because he "googled it." He declaring that women only between 20 and 40 are in their prime. For the rest of us, we are dunzo. We are past our expiration date.

Letter to the Editor: My Swan Song

Dear Editor, I imagine everyone knows what a Swan Song is.  This is mine!First, I want to thank GB and DC for their opinions which were "great" because they match mine.  Too bad that some people with obvious disabilities couldn't see they were true!!  Keep going, Gents...As for me, I am weary of over-inflated egos [Anyone got a pin?].

Letter to the Editor: White House turns down disaster aid for East Palestine, OH

Dear Editor, It wasn't a tornado or a hurricane...just toxic materials that East Palestine, Ohio has to deal with.  [NO BIG DEAL!!]  Right??  Pete Buttigieg-Biden's Secretary of Transportation-says train derailments happen 1,000 times a year.  So...He's NOT going there.  One thousand times a year??  Funny, I don't recall 1,000 train derailments last year dumping toxic waste in any American cities.
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