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Letter to the Editor: Is this right?

Dear Editor, Upon reading the last few days; I think there is some unfair and unjust things going on.  The following is a quote:Seeman Moved/Primmer seconded: To authorize posting of the vacant transportation director position and to change some of the language to include Class CDL license or to obtain within 6 months, preferred Salary range $55-$60,000 and to have skills in scheduling and mechanical experience.

Letter to the Editor: B.B.B.

Dear Editor, What is B.B.B. you ask.  If some of you recall some of my contributions to the "Editorial" part of Vinton Today, you  may know I coined the letters for BIDEN'S BIGGEST BLUNDER that began with his first day in the White House when he rolled back the border security measures.  And his WELCOME WAGON sign started flashing.  Come One; Come All.
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To my readers

The last several weeks have been a struggle to get Vinton Today to some of you and some days it's been a battle to get anything out to ALL of you! For a few weeks now we've been battling a case of "blacklisting" of the website. Blackllisting means that some computer somewhere has decided that since there's not a good reason to have a website with so much traffic in the middle of cornfields is HAS to be a spam site.

Our Supervisors only get "part time" pay: Poor, poor, rich men

I have to admit I did some eye-rolling during the supervisor's meeting today. But to be honest, I think it's just a default setting for my eyeballs.Our poor, poor supervisors. Can we please set up a gofundme page for them? These poor guys, my, my. They are bringing in a mere $51,664.61 a year for their PART-TIME gig. Today was another time that I thought "People with a lot of zeroes in their bank account should NOT be in government positions.

Letter to the Editor: Statistics and are they true?

Dear Editor, To D.E. and others --- Thus:  total abortions 1973 – 2021 – 63,459,781   -- from a google search.   That is 48 years.  Thus 63,459,781 Divided by  48 = 13,220,078 divided by 365 = 3,622 per day.  Your math sucks and anyway, if I am off by a few thousand – does it make a difference?  Still, millions of preborns were killed.
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Letter the Editor: Leading cause of death

Dear Editor:What is the leading cause of death in the U. S. of A?1.Cancer2.Heart disease3 Fentanyl laced drugs for an open Southern Border4 None of the aboveNumber 4 is correct.  The real answer = abortion.Think about it - 3,000 a day..Regards,John Stiegelmeyer

Government 101

I suppose you are probably tired of hearing about what the Benton County Supervisors did THIS time. Quite frankly, I'm tired of writing about it or caring about it. As a matter of fact, I was just going to ignore the latest matter and then I felt like I couldn't. On February 2, 2024, the Supervisors had a very brief meeting that lasted a mere 24 minutes.

Dear K

Dear K,Oh, I just love a good mystery. When your letter arrived in my post office box and it reeked of past drama, I had a hint of which camp that it was from. My issue was that I wasn't sure just which member of the camp. Rather than wake up the people involved in the "scandal" last night, I waited until this morning. I sent copies of your anonymous letter, and did some sleuthing, and got an answer in about five minutes.
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Letter to the Editor: Time for Some Honesty About Water Rates

Dear Editor, On February 8, the City will, or already did (depending on when you read this), raise water and sewer rates. The citizens have been told that rate increases are needed to replace the antiquated water and sewer plants. Well, that is only partially true. If you looked closely at the worksheets from the November 27th work session, you would see that the City was presented with two sewer scenarios: Scenario 1 is a new 12 million dollar sewer plant, Scenario 2 is doing nothing to the sewer plant.

Quilts of Valor and Vinton loses a special lady

Rita with her favorite Dr. Song at her last Veteran's assembly last November Last October I had a call from Rita Moore. She was really excited about the quilt that she was going to present at the Veteran's Assembly at the school. "I'm going to be presenting a quilt to Dr. Song!" She had talked with me often about her doctor and what a great guy he was, how much she liked him and how he was the smartest guy around. So I knew this one was a special quilt for her to present.
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