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In Depth: Possible Re-opening of the Palace Date Set

OK, before I give you the fun news - a quick update: NO POPCORN THIS FRIDAY NIGHT! 
HOWEVER, we WILL be serving CURBSIDE POPCORN on SATURDAY and SUNDAY, June 6 & 7. ANNND! We will also be serving LEMON SHAKES! HOURS on SATURDAY and SUNDAY: 6-8 PM

We will be properly gloved and masked, and ready to quench your thirst and satisfy your Palace Popcorn craving for the week. Please remember to social distance on the street.

FREE WILL DONATIONS will be accepted to defray our costs while we remain closed.

Which brings me to...WHEN WILL WE REOPEN?!?

Tentatively, July. It looks like movies The TruthTenet, and Mulan will be available. I will provide you with exact details when available.



We hope to see all our friends at the movies again soon.

Take care and thanks so much for supporting the Palace,


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