On Friday, March 4th at 7 pm in the high school auditorium, join the high school Bands and Choirs for a long-awaited night of pop, show tunes, special acts, and more!

This special concert hasn't been held in THREE years! Due to the pandemic, our last day of in-person school in 2020 was the same day as this concert, which had to be canceled that very morning. Since then we have been anxiously awaiting the chance to present Cabaret again!

This is a seated ticket event, with a discount on tickets purchased in advance. Mr. Waymire will handle all seat requests & pre-sales.

Ticket sales begin on Monday, Feb. 14 and will end Wednesday, Mar. 2 - $10/adult, $8/student. Tickets at the door are $12/adult, $10/students. As Cabaret is also a fundraiser for the music department, no passes are accepted.

Ticket order forms are available in the high school office.


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