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The Iowa Motion Picture Association is in search of actors for projects that will be in the works.

If you are interested, check out their Facebook page.

Information is below.

Film Title: Captured Memories - directed by Will Nachazel, Brena Ollinger, and Diamond Roundtree

A photography student deals with her mother's illness.

Sarah - 19-23: a hard-working photography student, struggling to balance her life.Shawn - 19-23: Outgoing, smooth, nurturing, sympathetic.

Margie - Mid-40s: mother of Sarah and is battling cancer.Contact:

Film Title: Edward - directed by Zach Cochran, Michael Steele, William Trabue, and Xavien Timoll

A man in an institution seeks escape.

Edward - college age - Male Dr. Q - Late 20's to early 30's - Preferred Males but can change if needed.

Film Title: Split- Ends - directed by Prushia Golden, Isaac Comstock, and Jenna Wilson

A young girl worries about her hair.

Character Descriptions

  1. Lola- A seventh grader with a terrible haircut who only wants to earn her mother's validation.

*casting is open to 7th - 10th graders that can appear as young as 7th grade.

  1. Susan- A 30-40-year-old mother starting her life over in a new town to give her child better opportunities than she had growing up.

  2. Ms. Shepard- A 50-60-year-old hairdresser with failing eyesight and hatred of change.

Production will take place in October and November.

Contact: Prushia Golden at or (563) 613-4099 if you are interested or have any further questions!

Film Title: Unconditional Love - directed by Theo Alder, Vincent Law, and Erin McCoyA woman struggles with a toxic relationship

Auditions: October 14, 4:30 pm

Harper: Woman, 20s, struggling with a toxic relationship

Jack: Man, 20s, over-protective boyfriend

Marcy: Woman, 20s, supportive friend

Mom: Voice-over

Target production time: October 24-Nov. 4

Audition sign up: Email: (319-429-0985)

Other contacts: (515-721-4056) & (319-883-1805)


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