Tilford Elementary Fine Arts Nights celebrations will begin this week. The AKA through 4th grade students have been working on their artwork and music to share with you. Concert performances will be at 6:30 and 7:15 each evening in the auditorium. Student artwork will be on display in the lunchroom.

Join us to celebrate with our Tilford Elementary students. Free admission for all.

Thursday, April 20

2nd Grade Fine Arts Night Music Programs "Paw Prints On Our Hearts"

6:30 pm: 2 Karr, 2 Johnson & 2 Kearns

7:15 pm: 2 Sturtz & 2 Davis

Monday, April 24

3rd Grade Fine Arts Night Music Programs "Life's an Adventure!"

6:30 pm: 3 Haisman, 3 Hoeger & 3 Miller

7:15 pm: 3 Strub & 3 Hyland

Thursday, April 27

Kindergarten Fine Arts Night Music Programs "Hey, Hey, Look at Me!"

6:30 pm: K Klein, K Baumgartner & AK Anderson

7:15 pm: K Parker, K Kuhn & K Tobin

Monday, May 1

1st Grade Fine Arts Night Music Programs "'Tis the Season"

6:30 pm: 1 Adrian, 1 Ibrahimovic & 1 Redlinger

7:15 pm: 1 Martinez, 1 Neblung

Thursday, May 4

4th Grade Fine Arts Night Music Programs "The Light In Us All"

6:30 pm: 4 Rommann, 4 Paxton & 4 Sexton

7:15 pm: 4 Reed & 4 Meyer


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