"Painting Jane." a movie by Katie O'Regan, is a movie filmed in parts of Portland, Los Angeles and in Iowa. The movie captures the story of a daughter who loses her parents to dementia and finds herself along the way. It is the story of one woman's transformation into wholeness, acceptance and love. The film's creator O'Regan will be at the screening of the movie and will do a talkback after the movie.

"Painting Jane" was directed by Katie O'Regan. Screenplay by Katie O'Regan, adapted from the original stage play, "Good Morning, Miss America," by Phyllis Yes. Lead cast: Katie O'Regan as Jane Nelson; Dean Scofield as Lou Anderson; Diana Angelina as Doris Anderson; Liza Asner as Cindy Nelson.

The Vinton Palace is a member of the Screen Iowa Network and will be showing the movie on Sunday, July 9, at 2:00 p.m.

A movie review from the premiere in Los Angeles, describes the movie as, "A film about old age, dementia, and death-and the fact almost all of us, on one side or the other, are now or will soon be facing these ineluctable crises-such a film might be a lot of things: important, cathartic, worthwhile-but "fun to watch" and "side-splittingly hilarious at times" would not expectedly be at the top of the list. This film was so funny I was a little embarrassed at first to be laughing so much until I realized everyone else was too. Well-written comedy in the face of tragedy is really quite a tour de force."

The movie pulls in a relationship between two sisters and their parents and the struggles of the parents. In one of the scenes, the reviewer described a scene where "Doris, trying to walk, falls onto the cushions and Lou decides to join her and make the most of it by cuddling up and kissing her-"I love you Miss America"-tears just started streaming (I realized they were mine). Here was a true Love Story, surviving and triumphing over everything, no matter how bad things got-and things had gotten pretty bad. Yet at that moment, Doris was still the prettiest woman and Lou the handsomest man, perfect for each other, still so in love, and so lucky to have each other. I stopped feeling sorry for them and started feeling jealous."

It sounds as though the movie will have a little bit of everything for everyone to enjoy! Be sure to mark it on your calendars!

The movie runs for 1 hr. 37 minutes

A trailer for the movie can be seen HERE.


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