The Vinton Shellsburg High School Theatre Department is presenting the musical Freaky Friday, a heartfelt comedy based on the novel by Mary Rodgers and the Disney films. The show features a cast and crew of (26) middle and high school students, see below for a full cast list.

In Freaky Friday, an overworked mother and her teenage daughter magically swap bodies, and only have one day to find an magic hourglass to change back. By spending a day in each other's shoes, they both learn to appreciate one another's struggles, learn self-acceptance, and realize the immeasurable love that bond a mother and daughter.

Performances are Friday and Saturday, November 10th and 11th at 7PM, and Sunday November 12th at 2PM in the Vinton Shellsburg High School auditorium. Tickets are $10 each, no passes accepted.

Freaky Friday cast list:

Ellie Blake: Victoria Humiston

Katherine Blake: Alyssa Fuehrer

Fletcher Blake: Aden Dawson-Fink

Mike: Blaze Soquet

Gretchen: Rachel Rollinger Hannah: Qin Stephenson

Adam: Thomas Carte

Savannah: Jenna Robinson

Parker: Lauren Redlinger

Wells: Steven Rogers

Laurel/Louisa: Makay Gardemann

Torrey/Mrs. Luckenbill: Athena McCauslin

Grandpa Gordon: Caius Higley

Grandma Helene: Eris Brown

Danielle/Dr. Ehrin: Taryn Cripe

Mr. Blumen: Hudson Sallee

Pastor Bruno/Mr. Time: Jacob Helter

Senora O'Brien: Sabian Ott

Ms. Meyers: Mary Clair

Officer Kowalski: Kaylee Stancel

Freaky Friday crew:

Lights: Brody Waters

Spotlight: Matthew Bookmeier, Taryn Martin

Sound: Sammie Lundvall

Stage Crew: Grace Markland, Alexander Arb


Vinton Shellsburg High School Art Department

ACT I of Benton County



Eris has been involved in theater productions for the last three years having a role as a nun/criminal in Sister Act her sophomore year and working on the backstage crew for The Little Mermaid during her junior year. She has also participated in plays at her church and the middle school plays for three years. She has enjoyed "the community that has been made with the cast, we have a lot of fun at practices, it feels like one big hangout with a bunch of friends". Eris would like to thank Victoria and Sabian for giving her many rides to and from practice, Monica and Ms. Martin for being so patient while everyone learned the show, and her brother for being the reason she became interested in theater in the first place and wouldn't be where she is without him.


This is Victoria's first high school production and she has loved every part of this musical! "Everyone has been so welcoming and Ms. Martin and Monica have been so kind and patient, no matter how long practice got. Spending every day with friends and seeing the musical come to life was so much more fun than I could have ever imagined. I'd like to thank Athena, Rachel, and Qin for holding me to my promise that I would do at least one high school musical!" In addition to the musical, Victoria has been actively involved in student senate, speech, NHS, and softball.


Athena has been involved in theater for several years having participated in the middle school plays, as well as Sister Act and The Little Mermaid on the high school stage. She "loves that this show is funny. People can get into the humor and play it quite well. I've caught myself giggling backstage and I LOVE it. Everyone is super creative too. This year I've seen a lot of people try and throw in their own little spice to scenes and overall just have fun. I think being in a show where everyone is having fun is one of the best musical experiences. It's also nice to have a personal change going from ensemble to a more important character, it's been challenging, but I'm having fun bringing my characters to life and I enjoy getting to have some scenes of my own." Athena would like to thank her fellow musical friends - if not for seeing them be a part of the show her freshman year and seeing how much fun they had, she may not have continued theater after middle school!


This is Sabian's first role on the Vinton-Shellsburg stage. She has enjoyed watching everyone get along and goof around. Her favorite part of practice was definitely going out on the catwalk, but there a many more good memories that she is happy to have experienced. Sabian would like to thank Victoria and Alyssa who have been super patient and kind, especially when things got chaotic. She would also like to thank Ms. Martin and Monica for the time they put in to make the show a good one.


This is the second production Jenna has participated in on the high school stage, the first being the variety show The Show Goes On where she played Fiona in an excerpt from Shrek, in addition to participating in selections from Wicked, Hamilton, and Newsies. She has enjoyed that the cast is like one big family, "yes, we may fight, but we are always there for each other". Jenn would like to thank Ms. Martin and Monica for working with her and other coaches so she could be a part of the musical this year.


This is Rachel's third turn on the high school stage. Her previous roles include Sister Mary Teresa in Sister Act and Sebastian in The Little Mermaid. She also has experience as a spotlight operator. She has enjoyed the friends she has made by doing shows, and that everyone is supportive of each other and encouraging them to do their best. Rachel would like to thank her parents for encouraging her to join the musical because without their pushing, she wouldn't be onstage.


Qin has participated in theater all four years of high school. Her previous roles include being a part of the backstage crew for The Show Goes On, Sister Mary Martin of Tours in Sister Act, and the mersister Adella in The Little Mermaid. She has enjoyed the music this year because it is so upbeat and fun to learn and "they are the type of song that you find yourself singing too because they are fun". Qin would like to thank Monica and Ms. Martin for helping her grow in her theater skills. "And my friends and family for encouraging me through the tough times even when I wanted to quit. If it weren't for them, I probably would have stayed backstage as set crew".


Matthew has been a go to on spotlight all through high school, in addition to helping with spotlight for ACT I of Benton County. His previous productions include The Show Goes On, Sister Act, and The Little Mermaid for VSHS, and Seussical and Mary Poppins for ACT I. He was also on stage for three years in the middle school play. He has enjoyed being a part of Freaky Friday because he has been able to make new friends. He would like to thank his parents for raising him to be involved in theater, and Monica for getting him involved in ACT I.


Sammie has participated in the theater department all four years in high school. In addition to handling sound and being lead choreographer for Freaky Friday, she was also the sound technician for The Show Goes On, Sister Act, and The Little Mermaid and co-choreographer for The Little Mermaid. She has enjoyed getting to work with everyone on this show and would like to thank Ms. Martin and Monica for giving everyone the opportunity to enjoy theater. She would also like to thank her parents for dealing with her late nights getting home from practice.

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