Act I of Benton County will be presenting a Christmas Double Feature! "A Very Hairy Christmas" and "The Secret of Santa's Treasure" will be performed by local actors. On December 9th there will be two performances at the Vinton Palace Theatre. The first will be at 10:00 a.m. and the second at 2:00 p.m. The cost per show is $10 at the door. Santa will be present at each performance to visit with the children!

A Very Hairy Christmas

When Santa's nephew, Clyde, arrives at the North Pole to learn the family business, it's one sticky situation after another. In an attempt to find a job that Clyde can do successfully, Santa's famous beard is jeopardized.

Luckily, a stroke of genius by Clyde, prevents a Christmas nightmare.

Cast members for A Very Hairy Christmas 

Mr. K-Cael Koeppen

Mrs. K- Kennadie Garwood 

Clyde K - Elliot Whalen

Sammy- Cruz Koeppen

Sandy- Ellie Schwab

Sindy- Monroe Munson 

Santa- Jantz Johnson

Mrs. Santa - Bryleigh Schwab 

Eve -Zeviah Cooper 

Penny- Jadyn Annis

Garland - Briggs Flickinger

Dotty- Bailee Herman

Sparkle : Braelynn Schwab

Olaf- Elijah Keel

Tonka - Bryleigh Schwab

Buckley- Clay Koeppen

Atlas - Carter Pottebaum

Taffy - Zeviah Cooper 

Dr. Nyland - Cael Koeppen 

Gertie - Kennadie Garwood 

The Secret of Santa's Treasure

When a pirate crew finds a map showing the location of a treasure, they set sail to find the loot! Arriving at the North Pole, the pirates find that Santa is on a book tour and they kidnap Mrs. Claus to help them find the secret of Santa's treasure. Fortunately for Christmas, Mrs. Claus has some tricks up her sleeve!

Cast for The Secret of Santa's Treasure: Student Director: Bailey Duart

Capt Destiney- a fierce pirate- Kinslee Etringer

First Mate Blackheart- Brianna Edler

One-Eyed Dolly-Ella Graham

Peg Leg Polly -  Betty Edler

Digger Dani - Charleigh Clemmons

Mrs Claus -Jordyn Kelly

Sugar Plum -Bryna Kelly

Dander - Layne Young

Halane Cummings FCS Instructor


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