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UNI announces opportunities for students to complete graduate programs

Life can present unexpected challenges, and the University of Northern Iowa is committed to supporting students in achieving their educational goals. That’s why UNI is thrilled to announce a special opportunity for students who have taken a break from pursuing their graduate degree.As part of this commitment, UNI is waiving recency requirements for students looking to complete their graduate degree within the next 24 months.

What We're Reading: Staff Book Chats: The Dutch House

In this author's unique perspective, the main character is actually the house itself! The premise is dark, but simple; a well-to-do landlord and property owner purchases an extremely odd house for his wife as a gift. He tells her that he is thinking of buying it as a rental, takes her to see it, and presents it to her! She is less than pleased.Told in a series of flashbacks by narrator Danny Conroy, this story encompasses a period of nearly fifty years.
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University of Wisconsin-Platteville announces Dean's List

The University of Wisconsin-Platteville announces its Dean's List, honoring those full-time students who earned high honors in the fall 2023 semester. College of Business, Industry, Life Science and Agriculture and the College of Liberal Arts and Education require grade-point averages of 3.75 and above for Dean's List honors, while the College of Engineering, Mathematics and Science requires students to reach at least a 3.

What We're Reading: Staff Book Chats

I love when an author hits a home run on their debut novel and Vanessa Diffenbaugh's "The Language of Flowers" was a winner for me. If I could forgo language altogether and speak only with the hidden meanings of flowers: I would! Throughout this book, flowers were used to convey an expanse of emotions for a child raised in the foster system with such a distrust for the world that she cannot accept her own feelings and can only speak through the "language of flowers.

ECC announces Fall Graduates

Sixteen students have completed all requirements of their respective degree programs as of the end of the Fall 2023 semester and are now graduates of Ellsworth Community College in Iowa Falls.  These graduates will be honored with their peers at the commencement ceremony in May.Among those are from Urbana, Claudio Valdez Vainstein*, AAS (Computer Applications in Business) All ECC FY24 graduates are listed by their hometown, followed by the degree/diploma awarded (AA is Associate of Arts, AS is Associate of Science, APS is Associate of Professional Studies, AAS is Associate of Applied Science, and DPL is Diploma), and the students' majors.
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At Home, With Hope, in Keene: A Mexican Rancher Starts Over

Luis surveys his surroundings with the tricycle cart his family uses to shop for groceries in nearby Keene. Below is a guest article by Gloria Anderson and former Vinton resident Julie Zimmer. One in a series of articles about immigrants to New Hampshire and the people and experiences that help them learn a new culture and find work, housing and community.-In an industrial building on Vose Farm Road in Peterborough, dozens of shelves are piled high with stacks of coiled, colorful firehoses, destined for fire departments in the United States.

UNI ranks in top 20% for online master’s in education programs

The University of Northern Iowa’s online master’s in education programs ranked in the top 20% nationally, based on the 2024 U.S. News & World Report Best Online Programs. The UNI programs tied for #63 among 303 schools in the rankings.“We have a long history with online education, well ahead of the more recent focus on distance learning,” said Colleen Mulholland, dean of the College of Education, which has 10 of 17 programs represented within the submission to U.

Kirkwood Community College announces Dean's List honors

Kirkwood Community College has released its Dean's List for the fall 2023 semester. These students have achieved a 3.3 grade point average or higher after completing 12 or more credit hours at the college. Kirkwood students from the area earning this distinction are listed below. HOMETOWN, STATE; NAME, COUNTY (if listed) Atkins, IA Morgan Bauer
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What We're Reading: Divine Rivals

'Divine Rivals' by Rebecca Ross'Divine Rivals' has been on the New York Times Bestseller list for 30 weeks. My go-to genre is typically historical fiction or thriller/suspense. Something I wanted to work on going into the New Year was stepping out of my comfort zone and trying something new. I took the leap after 13 years of avoiding the fantasy genre and I am SO GLAD I did!I was enamored by the love story of the main characters, Roman Kitt and Iris Winnow.

Yard and Garden: Building and Caring for a Terrarium

Snowy afternoons make an ideal time to construct a terrariumConstructing a terrarium is easy and inexpensive and can be accomplished on a snowy afternoon. Their care is minimal since they can go for months without water under the proper conditions. In addition, a wide variety of plants can be grown that would typically fail miserably in the dry, drafty environment of the average home.
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