Upper Iowa University is proud to announce the Dean's List for the 2023 fall session.

To be honored, a student must have earned a minimum 3.50 grade point average for the semester and be enrolled as a full-time student. The honored students from this area include:

Deshaylea Huber - Belle Plaine, IA

Taylor King - Palo, IA
Maylee McKibben - Vinton, IA
Allison Parham - Walford, IA

Jacob Reineke - Belle Plaine, IA

Virginia Schwab - Vinton, IA

Andrew Sweeney - Vinton, IA

Austin Hilmer - Walker, IA

Augustus Joyce - Walker, IA

Emily Kono - Walker, IA

John Pranger - La Porte City, IA

Rae VanMilligan - Walker, IA

Madelyn Wolf - Atkins, IA

Madison Krone - Walker, IA

Madalyn Hansen - Vinton, IA

Jason Hug - La Porte City, IA

Madison Krone - Walker, IA


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